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Sunday Suggestion: Share Us Your Awesome Ideas!

Knows WheatKnows Wheat Super ModeratorGuest Posts: 1,663 The Chosen One

It’s #FarmVille2CountryEscape Suggestion Sunday
Do you have an awesome suggestion that you would like to see in the game?
Share us your bright ideas on how we can improve and post it on the comment below.


  • Shelli_WShelli_W Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    I'd love to be able to have baby animals, the baby sheep on mother's day was too cute

  • SusancSusanc Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star
    I think maybe more coop slots for everyone not a select few and stop all the cheating
  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,191 Assassin
    @Knows Wheat I have a suggestion, add another farm hand to the prize tent that can be rented like the mariner for 3days with sand dollars!
    Farm hands like the upgraded hands from leaderboard or even Mother Hubbard
    Thanks :)
  • Granny_3Granny_3 Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

    Hi. 2 suggestions (I posted this down under another discussion but I think it is better here so my apologies for repetition)
    1. I would like to see a 'fast forward' >> and 'fast back' << button in the market stall to change the price of items that I am selling to maximum or minimum price. It takes a very long time to increase or decrease the price. I like to reduce the cost of goods for fellow co-op members and, if they are in urgent need ( eg when time is running out on a boost), then often I can not sell to them in sufficient time before their boost expires. Price reduction helps when their coin level is low.
    2. I would also like a button to 'save game position' to the cloud. My friend seldom (about once every year or two) has her larger farm saved and has on several occasions lost many levels, keys, timber, coins, upgrades etc when her farm has had to be reloaded. This has happened just recently and she has lost 11 levels, many hundreds of dollars of key purchases and her coin and key level and farm upgrades are now decimated. I would not want that to happen to my hard won position.
    ***** We can not trust that our farms are automatically having their game position saved

  • Alexandra_004Alexandra_004 Registered User Posts: 61 Captain Obvious
    I agree with everyone who has suggested different ideas
    Here's a few more
    How about Giving us the upgraded animals we've all been waiting for
    Higher levels stuck at 299
    New things to make
    More land!!!
    Better decoration (I love to see ppl decorate there farms)
    Another hlper who gives 3 salmon at pier
  • KikaKika Registered User Posts: 14 Pumpkin

    Instead of asking for suggestions, why don't you spend sometime fixing the recurrent errors we see in every event?

  • ZimZim Registered User Posts: 31 Forum Traveller

    Idea 3>>>
    1. Add some more land.
    2. Add some more Farm Hand.
    3. Improve Co-OP message box.

  • vikiviki Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
    #coins to skip items and finish exploring work.

    Add coins for skipping items in Marie order board and events. Instead of only keys, add the equivalent amount of coins for also finishing the task and exploring area.
  • hanifhanif Registered User Posts: 10 Pumpkin

    delete inactive coop or ziro helping hands coop it's help for finding best coop fast and easy

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,191 Assassin
    @Knows Wheat I read a lot about people wanting speed seed, maybe make Sunday a free speed seed day!
  • morningdawnmorningdawn Registered User Posts: 15 Muffin

    Maybe hold off on new events for a little bit and get the boat races going for all farmers and also the upgraded animals. Both have been in the making forever!

  • KikaKika Registered User Posts: 14 Pumpkin

    Here's an Awesome Idea: fix all the bugs first, and only then ask for suggestions.
    I'll play nice and leave some suggestions about bugs that need to be fixed ASAP.

    • Screen freezing
    • Game reloading all the time
    • Boat race not available to everyone
    • Market that does not load
    • Incomplete chat or messages missing in the chat
  • TurtleladyTurtlelady Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    Omg, you made the game so boring. Event too long and difficult. Boat race should reward everyone in the coop the same. No special prize for top contributor. More quartz, more quartz, more quartz

  • GraciaGracia Registered User Posts: 25 Clueless Cookie
    We need some sort of message board next to chat. Or at least a sticky message that stays above the chat for coop leaders to communicate. Now more than ever with the boat races putting up so many notifications. Things you want everyone to read disappear too fast. And a special page for coop rules would be nice.
  • PigSooiieePigSooiiee Registered User Posts: 5 Loose Cannon
    Let more things be purchased with coins instead of all of these keys. Delete inactive players. When a member is removed from a coop, don't post in the feed. Totally unnecessary. Actually let the request to join a coop arrive to the coop leaders to accept or reject. Give more quartz and sand dollars. Allow more than 2 orders to be done at Marie's. Have a survey link to pop up a window for members when they enter the game for things such as this. Have smaller lots for cows, sheep, goats etc. I could go on Thank you. For those who aren't in a coop, have a page or tab that lists coops they can join that has room for them.
  • Rama BalajiRama Balaji Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon
    My suggestion is we want to see who the other person is online,eg., If any person online it should seen with green dot near their name...
    You can bring new crops like roses, Jasmin and having pond we can grow few crops too.
    Introduce not only land expansion also some water running....areas
    You can introduce new place where we can transfer goods.
    Moreover you can make the game upload faster... It takes much time to load
    Next main suggestion is pls make the game interesting, like make fewer items in event.... So that we enjoy by playing . People around the play for enjoyment, not for frustration
    Make leaderboard bit easier one,so that you can avoid cheaters....and hackers
    Hope u can make good improvement ..
    Expecting as early as possible tour progress
    Thanks in advance
  • Rama BalajiRama Balaji Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon
    Hi my another suggestion is when we want to fill Maria board, it can be filled globally too. And also same for Eddie... global people can come in and help us
    Like ask help from coop
    Ask help from global
    Two options. Limit the options to 2 or 3
  • AdamsAAAdamsAA Pumpkin Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

    The new wildlife contest: we’d like more than just deer & birds. Give us some moose, bears, elk, cougar, etc wandering around our farms!!

  • Grace_FV2Grace_FV2 Registered User Posts: 5 Loose Cannon

    how about the ability to buy and sell padlocks, nails & lightbulbs via your co-op

  • skinnymarie50skinnymarie50 Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
    Expand land after leveling up after five, not nine. Lack of land space. Money from game and nothing to buy. It all takes keys and ribbons. Not enough decorations, either.
  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,191 Assassin
    Another Sunday suggestion - % OFF SALE
    in the general store we have available for purchase, permanent animal farm hands with keys, let’s have a Sunday Super Sale Day!
    (50-75% off suggested)
  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,191 Assassin
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