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Elaine_SElaine_S Registered User Posts: 15 Muffin

I am a leader in a coop. I was trying to add members to our coop and opened the coop to the public...for 6 days. Not one single person came in. I messaged Zynga and was told to set it to "public". I had done that on day 1! I know how to open and close the coop. Finally, this morning, I opened a new coop expecting that we would now be able to open the coop and get new members. It is doing the same exact thing. The coop is open for level 11 and above (the lowest setting possible) and no one at all. Zynga said they fixed me in the old coop, but they didn't. Now it is happening in this brand new coop. This HAS TO BE A ZYNGA PROBLEM! Any suggestions? Please HELP!

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