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Better Event Prizes and Ribbon Trades

Tanuki_konTanuki_kon Registered User Posts: 9 Loose Cannon

-Change ranked events into point events, you get enough points you get the permanent helping hand. If you place top 5 then you get the special one. (I spent days crafting like crazy only to lose to cheaters and place 17th!)

-Double items in gathering places. Marie wants 8 glass horses but it takes 2 hours for 2 quarts. This means I must wait over 30 hours to get enough quarts to make this. That is IF I don't sleep and send people to the mine the moment they are done. Please give us a way to shorten the time or a helping hand that gives more without having to win a ranked event!

-Trade in blue or red ribbons for the yellow ones. I currently have 20 blue ribbons, 18 red and ZERO yellow. Not only that but the drop rate for yellow is really really low! Either make the ribbons drop rate the same or make it to were we can trade. please?

-Helping hands that take off like 30 minutes or an hour (Silver and gold?). I'm currently waiting 11 hours to make 3 pinot wines for some seafood recipe in which I have to make SIX of for Marie. I would need 66 helping hands for this to go faster!

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