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Share with us your Co-Op experiences



  • greenEyedGirlgreenEyedGirl Registered User Posts: 103 Cloudylicious
    edited February 2019

    I love our coop. We've become a sort of virtual family. Everyone helps each other with the game, offers tips to newbies, we chat up a storm and have fun. We are one of those coops with a lot of rules, some like it that way, some don't. I will add to what someone said above about new people joining. One of our biggest pet peeves is when we open the door to find some new friends and someone will join and immediately buy something that was locked, not bother to say hello, start sending marie orders, or come into chat and say "Hi, quartz please". You're joining a club, or a team. Greet your new teammates and find out what this new club is all about. You don't show up for church choir practice the first day and just sit there and not talk to anyone. You don't go to someone's house for dinner and just eat everything in sight without bringing something to share, nor do you then leave without saying thank you. So why do you do it here? I find it incredibly rude when people behave like this. You don't have to like our way of doing things, but if you're going to stop by for a visit then at least have some manners. I'll also add that we have people in our coop from many different cultures, countries, and backgrounds. And part of our fun is learning about each other's customs.

  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    today my coop player where chating. we all have started hating this game. simply because nothing ever gets fixed. events and fair is full. of cheater. we don't win anything anymore. we waste coins keys and time investing into a game that was fun. The chat doesn't work. can't get anyone to join. and if they do join. they steal and just post orders after orders. just like the one above me was saying.
    I have 11 players and only 4 play now. The rest don't care one can't even get the event. support isn't helping.
    they are making new games.
    so my question is are they not interested in there loyal farmer anymore. I don't have boat races, or water plots. You select random players for these.
    plus event you only allow certain ones to get 200% bonus.
    Christmas was the worst event ever. why couldn't we have had the tree. that was worth it.
    I play this game as a distraction. we have a virtual farm family. but because of all the issues no one want to play anymore. we barely make goal now because no players.
    will the "team" ever just stop and listen to those of us saying hey. give us back are fun. I'm level 111 did all masterys almost all achievements done. and now thinking why bother anymore. we have to contact support daily. they get rude and tell us to stop contacting them. yet nothing is fixed. but more and more events. I'm don't with events can't win anymore. country fair and event have gone to cheaters. they rest of us are left with no rewards anymore. seriously take a look at all the unhappy players. just give us the fun back.
  • DryadDryad Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star
    I’ve recently made a coop called Dryad’s Range and so far it only has two members even with it being up for couple days now. I have advertised my coop in the Coop forums here but they seem to fall on blind eyes.
    I didn’t know making a coop could be so hard lol
  • ehosmer2ehosmer2 Registered User Posts: 8 Loose Cannon

    Co-ops need a place to post their rules where everyone can see them.

  • TDWoj57TDWoj57 Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon

    My co-op has been dead almost from the get-go, and I started playing when the game was first introduced. I'm FB friends with the co-op founder so I sent a message to her asking if she could make me a leader so that I could clear out all of the dead wood and start over. What ended up happening (I think) is that she got rid of the game altogether because when I went to check on her farm, she'd become a "friendly farmer" and her farm sign was broken. There is an active coop whose leader is an FB friend from another Zynga game (that Zynga killed a long time ago) so I'm hoping she'll let me in.

    Seeing all the discussion about co-op hoppers has convinced me not to start my own.

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