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Questions, Suggestions and Complaints

SSFSSF Registered User Posts: 50 This Space is Available

Dear Zynga Developers,

I am one of 3 Administrators in my co-op and love FV2: Country Escape. We have a small co-op but very active. We help each other farm and enjoy interacting with each other although we are spread out across several continents. During the course of our farming, there have been several suggestions made of ways to improve our farming experience. I have asked our farmers to tell me what they would like changed. Below you will find their responses. I am submitting them to you in the order I received them and with very little editing in order for you to see how they feel and so you can see that there are similar requests from multiple farmers.

1) The time remaining on power pins should not continue to count down when they are deactivated (we should have the option of when we want to use it and when we want to save it for future use)

2) we should be able to sell shovels; nails; padlocks; gold, silver and bronze stamps in the co-op and global markets

3) Zynga needs to fix the freezing issues. One of our Co-Administrators has been having trouble for literally months, but her reports to customer service only result in the usual “canned” response with NO results. These freezing and crashing problems are becoming more prevalent among our players. And, from reading the forums it is not isolated to just one co-op.

4) We want some new crops (flowers, cherries, raspberries, pineapple, etc.) & recipes (pearl jewelry; doll houses rocking horses, toy boats that we can use nails & padlocks to build maybe even brass or tin). We could use clay to make vases. Marie could add to her request list to include cut flowers, flower arrangements, etc. How about different statues using the clay?

5) Why not another workstation or two for Crafts, or Toys or Florist?

6) Zynga needs to be more honest in responding to our problems and keep us up to date with the progress. If they can't or won’t fix it say so.

7) Get rid of Leaderboard events. I have yet to see any posts whether from our co-op or on Zynga forums where anyone actually likes the leaderboard events. They are hated! Get rid of them!

8) Fix issues with chat and connection especially during the events

9) Permanent farm hands should be available during other events not just leader board (nobody likes them anyway!)

10) let's have a shuffle up while there's no events, more quests and new items to cook would be great.......

11) I agree with all of the above.

12) It would be very helpful to get rid of the “freezes.”

13) Make coordination with multiple devices work better.

14) Get rid of the cheaters. What’s the point in playing a game if you can't play fair!

15) How can items be posted for sale on global for more than the maximum 40,000,000 coins we’re allowed to have?

16) Why are the maximum coins 40,000,000?

17) Why is the maximum level 299?

18) Yes what everyone else said.

19) Fix chat there's no reason we should be scrolling all the time, or not able to see the messages or freezing or all of the other issues.

20) Less events, more recipes, crops, animals that you don't have to use keys or stamps to buy.

21) Cheaters on the leaderboard and county fair events is getting out of hand

22) mainly though just fixing the bugs, actually fixing them. FV has been around long enough there shouldn't be so many issues.

23) One of my co-Administrators is 14 hours ahead of me. Events begin for me before her yet they end for her before me. So, she ends up being shorted several hours.

24) Get rid of Sophia!

25) Make the upgraded permanent farmhand animals from previous events available to purchase using coins for those who started playing later.

26) Why are we limited to only 5 friend fertilizers? Why not 5 per visit to multiple friends each day?

27) Why can’t those of us who play on our laptops have the projector thing to earn prizes like those who play on their phones?

28) Why can’t we use coins to buy keys? This is just a game and cannot spend real money on it although I’m an everyday player for several hours every day.

29) Fix the “water water everywhere” task at the farm house so we can actually complete it!

30) Why does Marie occasionally take the goods we post immediately when they’re posted? There have been several occasions when I’ve posted something for my co-op, but Marie has stolen it. That’s not nice!

31) Why are we not given an “are you sure” question about spending keys in the market to buy another slot? Sometimes the finger slips, but we have no option to refuse like we do in other instances.

32) Why is there not a “Contact Support” button for laptop users as there is for mobile device users?

In closing, listen to your users and respond! Some have even suggested that maybe Zynga can’t fix the problems and maybe just need to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. Zynga, prove us wrong! Prove that you are up to the challenge! Prove that you listen and care what your customers have to say!


  • Sue DomesSue Domes Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 11 Pumpkin

    Agree to all, would add get rid of the guest name option, it serves no purpose and allows cheaters to abuse it.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,190 Assassin
    @SSF I really like a lot of your suggestions :)
    When it comes to leaderboard, I don’t ever see that going away, technically that’s probably the only event people use actual money to buy keys, so I don’t see it going away,
    I love the idea of new crops and trees and menu of items
    Totally Sophia can go, they removed Pike, so maybe she’ll be next :)
    This should tag a moderator: @Knows Wheat @mhaki
  • kayvegekayvege Pumpkin Registered User Posts: 326 The One Who Knows it All
    @SSF Thank u, & your co-op.
    Love, & agree with, all of those! Zynga PLEASE take note, and action. Many of us want the above. Both the new ideas, & fixes. FV CE has been around long enough for the game to function better. And for new ideas to b developed.
    Despite our co-op being so helpful I despair at the quantities asked for. And, imho, for too little reward. Sometimes it all feels such hard work, stressful even - get rid of leaderboard. I want the game to b fun!
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake

    Why they dont fixed the bottomless well i still buy rain pin for it some of my co-op dont have to buy rain pin. Get rid of hackers n cheaters esp the one have loaded farm n play one day on county fair racking up 4900000 then slow down 6 days n the ones that finish the events in 1 or 2 days we need more spots on market for co-op to sell i do see several every time it reboots that probably cheaters. Stop asking for alot of quartz n tins for the events no one has 100 tins or quartz sitting in barns esp it only gives us 1 per 2 hrs if u got the one gives 2 if your lucky or get it in treasure chest n mariner eddie sophia n nick n marie ask for it too

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake

    On chat get rid of old helping hands n marie order give us back old chats esp when if co-op put for sale n make sure ppl dont buy it. Ask us if we want to used keys to buy space i didnt touch it n it bought space i didnt want. Give us time between events to recoop our stock get rid of phase1 things after a certain time esp the last few days see almost everyone selling it.

  • laurajay61laurajay61 Registered User Posts: 17 Muffin
    Is there a way for a co-op leader to post a daily message to the co op? If not WHY NOT???.
  • laurajay61laurajay61 Registered User Posts: 17 Muffin
    Why cant we have an "are you sure" button on those silly auction stalls that rob you 10 keys at a time.. I have yet to rent a single one on purpose!!! Can i get a gizillion likes!!!
  • KATKAT Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

    Agree with all that is being stated. Why is Zynga allowing others to make money off their game. Cheats are actually selling upgraded farms and items in 999999 amounts. How fair is that to us who play the game fairly and without cheating. yet we are grouped in leaderboards and county fairs with someone who has almost a million items and thousands of keys from buying a cheat. I would have thought that Zynga would want that money for their selves. Come on Zynga become proactive and do something about it. you can find them easy enough on Facebook selling their cheats.

  • Al1Al1 Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    I'm still having trouble with freezes, I can relate to all the comments about it. It takes forever to do anything. It's irritating and takes away from the enjoyment of the game. It's every 2 to 20 seconds, it lasts for 10 to 40 seconds most of the time. Can't get through the global market in the 5 minutes sometimes before it's going to reset. HELP!!! I certainly don't want to invite friends to this game with the constant freezing.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,190 Assassin
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Registered User Posts: 384 Social Snowflake
    edited June 2018

    @Al1 Are you using a windows computer? If you are, try this out. I don't know if some later update fixed the issue of the game constantly freezing completely, but at least the first one didn't. It just stopped the .tmp files from accumulating. We still had to get rid of tons of .tmp files manually by doing this:

    @reslav said:
    In my case problem was fixed when i close the game and delete all 'tmp*.tmp' files from c:\Users[user name]\AppData\Local\Packages\D52A8D61.FarmVille2CountryEscape_jwbwg6xx0377a\LocalState\ directory.

    If you go to that directory and find an endless list of .tmp files, try that. Make sure you delete only the tmp files (not friendblobs, userblobs etc). The whole thread is here http://zyngaplayerforums.com/countryescape/discussion/3166499/freezing-issue/p1

    I have no idea if your problem has anything to do with that, but just in case, since that issue did make the game regularly and constantly freeze.

  • Al1Al1 Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    Thank you both for responding. I'm not sure how to find .tmp files but I'm going to try lol! I also can't connect to fb. When I try to log in it tells me it's unable to connect to fb. So I can't load a name and picture, therefore I can't join a co-op. Any thoughts on that?

  • HelenbHelenb Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

    Can’t see that it makes a difference with cloning that was a good tool, my co op have fallen by the way side since this has been stopped bring it back it’s fun with your co op, I’ve been playing this game for months only found by accident and love it but with out cloning I think you will lose a lot of players, come on zynga bring it back, I know you read all comments so take note of players opinions.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,190 Assassin
    @Helenb my coop participates in all events and Marie’s board
    We get the temporary hand, make our goal and we have Never cloned, and we have a great time in our coop .... :)
  • Penny WilsonPenny Wilson Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
    I’ve been playing for years. At least 5. Cloning was the fun for all. It kept the group together and helping. No one has time to spend all day trying to complete the quest...etc. Personally we have had many quit because of Zynga stopping the tool which is what it should be. I will no longer be playing and believe me I have bought keys and at one time was a VIP. No longer. Extremely upset. I will Mo longer play Zynga games. Hope you stock plummets!!! **** off!!
  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    Please either change back the country fair or dump it all together. You changed it. And I'm pretty sure they took the gifts away and didn't tell us. Just claim there's a "issue there working on it " 2 week no gift.. But they sure did fixs the bracket hack super fast. Bam one day. Yet can't fix chat. Freezing game and market. Didn't give everyone boat races. And know country fair sucks more then it did. And about the cloning we didn't do it in our co-op too time consuming. But I didn't have a issue with it. Or the bracket was kinds useful in the co-op during these stupid events. To help coop player. But everyone cried and got there way.

    Well I'm crying fix the country fair!!!!! It's hacked its cheating me out of rewards.!!!!!!. There. A none petty complaint. Unlike the rest of them. Have a nice day, night or afternoon
  • cresacolleencresacolleen Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon

    Please solve the problem coop are havin with getting new members. My coop has been blocked somehow and for some reason from receiving new members. The coop has been open for days. I have submitted a ticket and had countless communications with Zynga support for 3 weeks now.

    They continue telling me "our best team is working on solving this problem. Thanks for your patience"

    Really? 3 events and boat races have started and some events finished, but no one can "fix" the problem coops are having in receiving new members to replace inactive members?

    Members are losing interest in the game. Maybe that's why there are no new members coming in when we open the coop; Less people are playing.

    We are an established coop, as are others with the same complaint.

    Please answer with something besides "our best team is working on it".

    On a positive note, Graphics and animation is top notch. Maybe that team can fix the problem.


  • Halanna1Halanna1 Cloudylicious Registered User Posts: 127 The Pesky Helper
    I'd like to see complete removal of leaderboard events. I know they are money makers for Zynga, but still. I think most players hate them.

    Change the County Fair to be a personal goal/threshold event. If you meet the goal you get Walter & 4 spins of the wheels. Right now having reduced times at the pond, mill, pier, mine etc. are the only way the game is playable.

    Fix quartz. Too many items require it and it takes far to long to get it. My last Mariner order wanted items totaling over 46 quartz. Impossible in 3 days.

    Fix Mariner. Requiring 11 rocking chairs in 3 days is impossible too. That's 33 cedar wood in 3 days. Extend the time to 7 days like Marie & reduce the requirements.

    Let us make 2 bottles or jars from 1 quartz.

    Increase timber rewards. I'm not making 10 plush dogs for 12 timber.

    Stop tying barn/silo size to Marie's quantity orders. Just because I expanded my barn 10 slots it didn't give me the ability to pull feathers, cedar, wool or anything else faster. Barn size has nothing to do with the ability to craft things. That is locked behind timers for the pier, mill, trees, animals etc. which barn size does not effect.

    Give us more helping hands and items for keys. Maybe a canary for the mine that reduces time spent there or a gold fishing pole that works like a helping hand & goes to the feature, it could reduce pond or pier time. Not all helpers have to be an animal or person.

    Extend power pins from the prize tent from 3 days to 7.

    Reduce event frequency & make them more meaningful. Except bingo they are just the exact same thing over and over with a different theme. Think of different prizes. Maybe a peach tree that gives 4 peaches or a corn field that never needs watering. Something other than temp farm hands.

    Stop leaderboard activities. Make up the lost revenue giving us meaningful things to buy. Without leaderboard the cheaters would go away. There would be no benefit to cheating. Even if they stayed they couldn't ruin anyone else's game. You could offer farm upgrades and improvements without having to balance them against leaderboards. Just try it. Do one event and give a choice at the beginning. Win a farm hand by participating in leaderboard event or win the exact hand in a solo event. Then look at your numbers. How many active players choose leaderboard and how many choose solo. It's better than a survey or a sampling. By making a choice the entire active playerbase is voting. You could even give solo a key entry fee.

    I would really just like to see some creativity. Everything feels copy/paste and like Zynga has given up.
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake
    Every time zynga updates a new event it gives me bugs like couldn't read chats n my chat don't come up going backwards 15 mins when rebooting, rebooting too many times to connect, my connection very good cuz i sit near it never have any problems with other games i played on my tablet only zynga games now it shuts me down it hasnt done that in long time only when more things running on fv even facebook cant connect have to reboot 10 times just get connected.sometimes just want to delete this game.
  • tyggertygger Registered User Posts: 5 Loose Cannon
    Sadly we all know Zynga wont get rid of leaderboards. We can still hope!!!
    What if, just maybe, they can have 2 levels of the county fair - 1 option you choose to play with keys and the other you opt out of using keys and if you end up using them it throws you into the group using keys. I know Zynga can move people to different boards. Seen it happen!!!
    Its 2 days into the fair and someone has 500k points. I am so frustrated that when you hit ruby you can get demoted after working so hard to get there. Why not let ruby players stay there and demote the bottom ones?
    Zynga told me it was by design that ruby and diamond levels get demoted. *smdh*
  • tyggertygger Registered User Posts: 5 Loose Cannon
    > @laurajay61 said:
    > Why cant we have an "are you sure" button on those silly auction stalls that rob you 10 keys at a time.. I have yet to rent a single one on purpose!!! Can i get a gizillion likes!!!

    I have hit that darned extra space many a times. I have submitted an email request through player support admitting it and they have quickly refunded my keys and closed up the extra spot. I even suggested the same thing to them about adding the "are you sure"....I know I am only one person, but maybe one day they will listen to us =]
  • ilianapapa1977ilianapapa1977 Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon

    I totally agree myself too with the above especially with Leaderboards events not good at all! But I like Sophia's table not bother me furthermore would like to say about nick Knack's,the waiting time of 3 hours is way too much and not gives expansion parts every time.Look at that issue pls thank u

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