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chat not working properly

karenzkarenz Registered User Posts: 25 Clueless Cookie

Our co-op is experiencing chat delays or misses. This makes it hard to keep new members. Any ideas? Have force closed and it works for awhile but not for long. Also cannot store items in back porch again. Help is appreciated


  • alejimmyalejimmy Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    I have the same problem in my coop form 3 weeks. When the tablet/smartphone is in stand by the messages are lost. help please

  • mhakimhaki Super Moderator Guest Posts: 1,352 Cream Corn Champion

    We appreciate your report, guys. Please check your Inbox as I've sent you a Private Message. Thanks!

  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    Thank you for 2 weeks I have. Been emailing support. Everyone solutions they have given I have done. Everyone in our co-op is having chat issues.. We call it the chat jigsaws puzzle because half the chat goes away. And you have to restart game every 15 mine to get chat messages. Also when chat stops the orders go away also that are posted from others..
    Support told me it's because I have multiple IDs? How does 13 members all of a sudden have multiple ids on a game? Today we opened doors and tried explaining rules some thought we were crazy because of the jigsaw of words going on.
    Support keeps closing my tickets on this matter. Trust me I have done all the things.. Frustrated that I'm not worth there time. To help our co-op out. Gonna lose players
  • nosmonosmo Registered User Posts: 16 Muffin

    Karenz and alejimmy, my co-op also has several members (including me) who, when they go over to any other app, the chat feed stops rolling in completely, which I think is the problem you are experiencing here. Did mhaki give you any advice that helped?

    Support have told me twice to force-close and restart, and twice to make sure I have the latest DLC (which I do). Each of them have advised me not to uninstall as I may lose my progress... and the latest reply simply suggested that I uninstall and reinstall, so I really don't know what to do now. Any proper help would be appreciated, so thank you in advance :)

  • MsCinquettiMsCinquetti Registered User Posts: 15 Muffin

    Chiming in here. I am experiencing this loss of chat. It comes and goes. So are at least 3 more members of my coop.

  • alejimmyalejimmy Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    Nosmo nessuna soluzione fin'ora. Anche a me i soliti consigli di forzare la chiusura ecc...io e altri membri della mia Coop perdiamo i messaggi e bisogna riavviare il gioco di continuo per poterli vedere. Sta diventando stressante. Speravo in un aggiornamento ma niente.

  • SeptemberbabSeptemberbab Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 32 Forum Traveller
    How did anyone fix this issue my game is up to date logged into Facebook only still not working
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