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Land Expansion Issue

LilBeckyLilBecky Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

I was really enjoying playing Farmville 2: Country Escape, so I asked my sister to download the game and for some reason she is having land expansion issues. Instead of being able to buy the land with coins she is having to either buy it with keys or wait a ridiculous amount of time to get the land with coins. We have both looked into this issue and we saw that someone asked about this a couple of years ago and the issue is STILL not fixed. She is about to uninstall this game because it's becoming no fun for her to play because she has to wait to even buy land. What can she do to get this fixed? I really don't understand why, after several years, y'all have still not fixed this simple issue.
Also, I am posting on her behalf because she is at work and can't do it right now but we both want to know how to get this fixed.


  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 1,256 Genius Genie

    Can you post a screenshot? How long does she have to wait? Usually it's about a month to wait for the land to be unlocked, either after you buy the previous land, or after you reach the required level.

  • LilBeckyLilBecky Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    Yes I can most definitely post a screenshot!! Sometimes she is having to wait three days sometimes it's a week. It seems like the higher in level she's getting the longer she has to wait. She has waited the time and then bought the land and it's doing the same thing with the next piece of land she can buy.

  • LilBeckyLilBecky Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    @Irraya my sister said she is not able to give me a screenshot because she said she tried completely restarting the game, which did not work. Do you know how she can fix this issue?

  • LilBeckyLilBecky Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    Thanks for all the "help" Zynga but I debugged my sister's game and it is now working. No thanks to any help from Zynga. This support system sucks.

  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 1,256 Genius Genie

    @LilBecky maybe you can write down how you fixed the issue, so as to help others with the same problem. As far as I know, everyone has to wait out a certain amount of time before being able to buy land with keys. And yes, the time increases the further you level up.

    Also, these forums are where players try to help one another out. Not really a place to go looking for help from Zynga. For zynga support, you have to contact them directly from the game.

  • jayceerrrjayceerrr Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
    I am having the same exact issue! @LilBecky
    My girlfriend and I started playing about a week apart from each other, and I noticed she was able to pay for land expansions with coins almost immediately and I have to wait several days for each expansion! It's so annoying, I'm on level 24 and have been only able to expand 3x! Where she has several pieces of land now, and on the same level! I can't complete certain tasks due to this issue :(
  • jayceerrrjayceerrr Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
    @Irraya I was able to screenshot mine, since @LilBecky was unable to.
  • LilBeckyLilBecky Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    Thank you @jayceerrr for providing the screenshot. @Irraya I am unable to find any way to contact support directly and it is very frustrating, if i could have contacted them directly I would have from the beginning but I follow the steps they mention to contact them and it doesn't work for me, it just leads me right back to the forums. My sister had the same problem so I figured I would write in here and see if anyone knew a solution.

  • LilBeckyLilBecky Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    I will provide steps for people in the future. This is for Windows PC only. I'm not sure about any other devices. You DO have to download something in order for this to work. So download Visual Studio 2017 (it is purple and looks like a blocky infinity sign).

    1. Hold down the windows key and r. Type %LocalAppData%
    2. Look for a folder called packages.
    3. Once in packages type in Farmville and open the Farmville file.
    4. Here is where things start to differ for me and my sister. I had a TON of files in Farmville, she did not she only had one. Take any file you have in Farmville and open it with Visual Studio 2017 and there will be an option to DEBUG the file(s). Hit that.
    5. Once it is done debugging run your game again and it should work fine!
  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 1,256 Genius Genie

    @LilBecky click on the settings wheel in the game, then click on player support. When the websites comes up, keep scrolling up and down until the red support button appears. I assume that they've set it that way so not everyone finds the button, and gives up trying to report problems to them.

    @jayceerrr I don't think I had to wait for my land expansions before, but that was a few years ago. I did have to wait about a month for each of the new land expansions.

    You can try contacting support regarding this issue. The main problem is that Zynga have done this purposely. They love giving all players an unfair playing field. You'll notice more discrepancies the further you advance in the game..

  • LilBeckyLilBecky Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    @Irraya I did what you said and after _several___ times of reloading the page I finally saw the red "Contact Support" button. I emailed them and got a very generic "we're working on it" reply. And i found out that you can't even reply to them... the support system here is THE WORST I have ever seen. It really takes away from the game and makes it not that much fun anymore.

  • Ana_EstrellaAna_Estrella Registered User Posts: 6 Loose Cannon
    Can someone at level 50.puchase a land to level 85?
  • daniel16791daniel16791 Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    Yes, I have to register an account to send my thoughts. After searching on google with key word "Farm Ville 2 Why I have to wait for expanding land", (someone have to wait, but someone do not need) this is the first result that I saw.

    And I am very annoyed because most of other topic that is related to this problem was closed without answer, or answer like to "You have to use key if you do want to wait", but come on, many other players just need to pay gold.

    So, after 30 mins for searching, I have to give up. Good bye Zynga, I do not want to waste my time and money for something like this.

    Best regard

  • cmumbertcmumbert Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star
    My sister-in-law has the same issue where I did not. We found a work around for iOS.
    1. Close Farmville.
    2. Change your device’s date to go past the wait time for land expansion.
    3. Open FarmVille and expand your land.
    4. Close Farmville.
    5. Change your device’s clock back to the current time and date.
    6. Open FarmVille and start enjoying your new land with stumps and debris.
  • Diane0918Diane0918 Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
    edited February 2019

    How can I do this on a computer? Goes my levels not dates have to reach level 103 to buy land!
    Been waiting 6 months cann't buy keys No ONe will fix problem take money but don't give me keys
    have to wait and contact Zanga and prove I bought them than they give them all messed up ! Over a year now !
    Can't get anyone to help !

  • Mrs_SMrs_S Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    Even now, this issue isn't fixed. I have to wait a week now and my daughter has days yet, as her level is smaller than mine. My husband doesn't have a wait time. At first, I thought it was because my daughter and I started ours on a mobile device (phone for me, and tablet for her) and my husband only used PC. As I can clearly see, this isn't the case. So, why do some have wait times that are ridiculously long, and others just have to use coins? I'm waiting on expansions for a level 27 player, and I'm at level 31. I have some patience, but after expanding my level 26 one, and waiting the week, I have another week for the next one. OMG!!! This is ridiculous, and really not fun to wait forever and a day. My husband at level 28 has more land than I do at 31. Like seriously??? Fix the ridiculous problem Zynga.

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