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Claiming Marie orders

KuhnByAhKuhnByAh Clueless CookieRegistered User Posts: 39 Learning the Ropes
My idea is for the chat screen. On the 2nd page(REQUESTS ONLY), once an order is claimed the request order disappears.

My idea is for the order to stay visable, but now show WHO claimed it. The newest, unclaimed orders will stay at the top for easy finding.

I know the same info is seen in the chat screen, but it stays in chronological order. To try to scroll to the top can be difficult, for me at least. As I am in a pretty active coop and the chat screen is long and always scrolls back down when new message appears. Maybe you can stop that too?

We try to help each other, as much as we can, with the huge orders that she asks for. It really does get get old skipping orders that ask for 18 champagne or 12 Creole. Maybe we can drop the wait for new orders from 30 minutes to 15 or 20??

Thank you.
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