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What's going on with all the bugs in game

tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
I have 2 member so far one lost event completely, and says 165 days till fertilizer. Lost other items,
Know a 2 member just logged on and coins gone and tin and other items in there barn are just gone.
For real zynga this is how you treat people.
They have written support. Over and over. Response is yes where aware of bug issues.
Yet do nothing. For real. This is unfair. Fix the bugs or at least make more of a effort.
Has anyone else been having theses issue?
Did support help you?
And support please don't give me your bogus did you clear this and remove this. This is your issue to fix not ours.

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  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake

    Im having so many bugs still not fixed over 3 events they gave me like 15 trouble shooting to do n still dont work keyboard on chat do dancing, video wont work it shuts me out n i rebooted rebooting game it takes me backwards over 10 minutes losing event spot n items n points losing coins keys buy n sell n making items doing things 10 times to make up for lost time rebooting just to chat but i do it will lose everything ive done i clean out tablet clean cookie cache force closed i updated game it took me back to level 1 i rebooted like 10 times it finally to me back to my level oh game shuts me out when i log out of internet wont stay on so i can play w/o internet my coop have few of problems like chat but not all at one time also now facebook wont connect to game so im friendly farmer it driving me crazy on every bugs they gave me

  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 373 Social Snowflake

    ZYNG dont care what happens to anybody who doesn't pay for game items as they only care for those who pay for stuff so have their head up arses of those all the time and the hackers using points hack are ones who FK up sytem as nobody can do anything so ZYNGA should be shut down from online game playing altogether and all games locked to no internet connections...

  • melindakelley6melindakelley6 Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

    I have not been able to get on my 2 game on my android devise for 6 days now, all that comes up when I open the game is any empty field with tufted grass, pappy pond is there but no dock, no silo, no barn, no house, no crops, no animals, no trees ,etc. on the left side of the road I can see eddies hanger and the market but cannot move around the game to see if anything else is there. I have no coins, no keys- it says level 1 0/5 in the upper middle. the icon to access neighbors, sales, etc is there but it does not respond. There is no access to tech support, no player id number, nothing. I finally dumped the game and reloaded from google pay and still get the exact same thing. I was level 96 and truly love this game and I am very frustrated. Please help!!!!

  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    @melindakelley6. I'm so sorry.. I play on Android. I also had lost my farm last week. I was trying everything. Finally what worked for me. And again this is what I did. With you farm open go to settings on phone find where it says app. Or application click on it. It list all the apps on your phone scroll till you find farmville country escape 2 click on it. Where it says force close. Click that. Yes you do want to.
    Then I toggled back you know where all you current apps are open like example I have chrome open facebook and my farm click on farm like you are going back to it it should then restart. When I did this it brought my farm back to what it was. Once again very important don't x farm game out. Leave open toggle to where you have the force close open click force close toggle back to open apps find farm tap it like you want to bring it back to screen and see if it then restarts.
    Hope this helps and I was able to make it under stable.
  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    edited March 2018

    Ugh sorry for the dang typos hate my keyboard likes to change my words. *Understandable *

  • KBM1234KBM1234 Registered User Posts: 5 Loose Cannon

    Ladies and Gents, I totally agree, I;ve reported this problem since fri/sat last week, am on level 89 and no answers. Its sad but we all like to play this game whether we pay for extras etc or not. Some general answer would be nice from the support team. I;ve tried installing and god knows what else. Nothing. Its frustrating eh peeps.

  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    I'm sorry so many still can't play. Support is a joke I bet if one of the cheaters game crashed they would help them.
    I wish I could help all of you. All I know is when I explained what I did to my co-op all of them where able to get there farm back.
    I know I had to force close 4 time for mine to finally come back.
    I don't spend money really. But it seems they wanna keep the cheaters so the rest of use spend money idk. It really too bad they won't offer help. I know they can fix issues I have seen it before.
  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 373 Social Snowflake

    Well they dont care about anything as said before, if it people who are paying for stuff the they will help and still not done anything about the hacks for quest points. They can reprogram bit machine code, if they that good at programming which seems they not as can put line code into game is score =10,000,000 then it counts -10,000,000 or something like that sort thing. I did it lot years ago on old computers hacked game and changed coding to make something minus points if goes higher than allowed amount....

  • KikaKika Registered User Posts: 14 Pumpkin

    It is no use reporting things to them. They are never able to solve real problems. There are 2 players in my coop that didn't have the 3 last events. 4 players lost their farms and are now back to level 1. Frustrating. Seriously thinking of quit playing.

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake
    I know im hearing 17 trouble shooting n none work just getting worse. Fv only thing that has problems i play other games n no problem but they r not zynga game every time new updated comes up n more bugs on my game i got email say sorry to hear that n keep enjoy playing fv cant enjoy when keep crashing n losing 10 mins of hard work n then do 10 times more to get ahead then lose it again chat n video wont work i use emojis to chat but not many to use. So weird that my keyboard for messenger n emails work fine but not fv
  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 373 Social Snowflake

    Need game reinstall from scratch clear phone memory and see i f that works as know few had same probs and worked, don't do the videos as they FK game up so won't be working as they not checked before put into the game so waste time....

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake
    @robbos21. I clean my tablet 10 times or more a day shutting it down closed out other things except facebook chat still dance yesterday i got to chat a bit b4 dancing keyboard. It dont dance on messenger n email only on fv i would want to do that but last time i did that it took me back few days n really lost things so im waiting till event over that way i wont lose my spot on event chat dancing n video crashing happen b4 in 2016 too they emailed me new updated version n still didnt work just worse
  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 373 Social Snowflake

    when I had the problems just completely uninstall and factory reset device and all worked fine after, but if can need do backup of everything else have on if important stuff for you to have so goole can backup stuff if go that way...

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake
    Yea ive done that. contact kindle fire they checked my tablet. They say it game end esp if i can type on messenger n email w/o dancing keyboard now they say i have multiple facebook id. I ready to delete game cuz all they say is we are aware of problems please go back n play fv how could i when i cant chat n join in conversation w my friends. Cleaning out tablet n shutting down 14 or more times a day is crazy cuz b4 i only had do that 2 a day if needed. U think they fix bugs b4 sending boat race n anything else. N the last event a joke i hate it esp my game kept crashing n taking me 10 or 15 mins backwards losing my rank n points n things i sold . had remake n try to catch up n then crash soon i catch up n taking me backwards all they say cant help u but the cheaters get the dog very unfair to people u think they understanding n give u something more im hating game my friends ask mr bout this game i say dont download it n play cuz they are unfair to people play fair or have too many bugs wow get few keys for problems but dont fix it asap
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake
    Lol they took back keys n gave golden gloves instead. Then temp dog for the event ****. They should give every one who didn't get a permanent dog for a free permanent dog for the **** dont have to be upgraded one for who couldn't play or have bugs in their game. Still no sympathy from zynga but we get all cheaters n hackers. The temp helpers event i see 5 people or more done with event first or second day no way can get all collected n made in 2 days or less but they don't do any thing about them receiving a temporary helper. But they are unfair to people play fair n most time no help from co-op. Zynga email me say tell us when ready to fix jumping chat i email them today n waited over 1 hr nothing n tomoz will get email sorry missed u n when got chat today it was invisible chat. Had to reboot to read chats too tired playing only like chatting to few people in co-op few newbies r playing not fair to some of us
  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 373 Social Snowflake

    Still weird as I got new animals as well so it defo game probs as mine keep say ppl joined when they been gone for ages from coop and so strange doing that...

  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    So my new issue. Chat in farm isn't working. I will see members chatting then nothing. I will sit there waiting for someone to chat. Only to find out they have have been chatting. I have to restart. And this is happening to all of us. Support is giving me the run around. About this.
    Also Maria order isn't notifying that orders are filled. Will say order still out. Once again have to restart game.
    Why have a game when nothing works and you spend more time restarting the game. And it take freaken forever for the spinning sun of ****.
    All day yesterday my players needed help for orders. And because chat kept messages from me they all thought I was ignoring them. Not a example of being a co-op leader I want to show.
    If support gives me 1 more bogus where looking into this. But try this ****. I'm gonna try delete. Or maybe they should remove the boat race that we don't have. And put the game back they way it was before the screwed it up 2 months ago. Very frustrating.
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake
    @tinks did u try going to ur sign by the barn n go to chat u might see it yea mine was jumping chat ppl talk to me n i only reply with emojis n clean out ur cache n cookies esp on phone. Now zynga finally fix my game cuz somehow i had multiple fb id's they took me out of co-op n got me back in n now it works finally after 4 events i can chat more than 5 words a day couldnt ask for things cuz had to reboot n then lost everything ive done in 10 mins but still mad cuz they wouldnt give me dog the first round cuz i won but when got rebooted i was in 6th place. Im co-leader too it was 20 troubleshooting later n my friends r happy im chatting again till next event. Oh i know marie order is messed up cuz the girls told me they got timber time n got nothing n show it 0. The boat race shut down on our co-op guess to many bugs there. I had 5 days to work on it 30 mins later race over n lost. Very frustrated game they say it fun game yea with cheaters n hackers n even see ppl finish this event 2 days after it started they should take their temp helper away cuz i know no way they finish in 2 days even making n digging for things take time. I was so close to delete this game im so tired of cheaters get permanent helper n i crashed when event over n rebooted it took me back to 6th place n no sympathy from them n say cant help u but cheater get keep it
  • tinkstinks Registered User Posts: 279 Gabby Enthusiast
    @firefighterfan they told me to do that and that I had multiple ids I'm glad it worked for you. But I refused because I call bs. We have 14 members and all of them have a issue. So that tells me zynga has messed up since last events. If we all have multiple ids.
    They are going to have to do better then remove me from my co-op. And then I have to rejoin. I'm a coleader I will fight them on this.
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Registered User Posts: 390 Social Snowflake
    @tinks yea i do know the feeling. I been on them everytime i get i even told them ppl r stop playing n i told ppl not to join. They put me back to my co-op after they fixed it my chat crashing n going backwards stopped oh n video works now all i had to do tell them to put me back as co-leader n they did along everything stop jumping n crashing my game stays on after i leave internet now yea it took 20 troubleshooting n 4 events to fix it oh i wrote 10 times a day telling them it bs that u cant figure out y this is going on. Hope u get it fix soon im happy get to chat n watch videos n not crashing n going backwards losing things of course they did this after the permanent dog event was over making me lose dog cuz crashing every 10 mins n every points n rank i did so mad at that n they wont give dog cuz crash the last few mins b4 event was over
  • daylilydaylily Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    I bought a copper button for 19,000 coins in the market, the system paid the seller 190,000 coins instead. So I lost 190,000 coins for just one button . I contact the game support, but there is no response.

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