Experiencing a bug? Please report it on the Bugs & Issues section by following the instructions on the How to Report a Bug thread. Posts of the same issue will be merged, & multiple posts will be automatically deleted. Rest assured that all issues/feedback will be noted.

How to Report a Bug?

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Hi Farmers!

Please remember the ‘Bugs & Issues’ section is for information-gathering purposes only, as Moderators cannot access players' accounts.

Before you post, please first check the other threads and most importantly, the "pinned" ones to avoid creating multiple reports. Any post which does not follow the format below or is determined not a bug report, will be removed. Not all posts will be replied to, but rest assured the Moderators will submit all information to the team.

Discussion Title (brief description of the issue)
Example: Cannot load the game

a. A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.
b. The error message you are seeing (if applicable).
c. One or multiple screenshots (if possible).
d. What troubleshooting steps you have completed (e.g. force-closed app and restarted game).
e. What's the device Model and OS version you are using (e.g Microsoft Lumia 650 Windows 10 Mobile).

Example (Bug Report):
Discussion Title: Cannot load my game
a. I cannot load my game. It does not open.
b. There is no error message.
c. I don’t have a screenshot.
d. Force-closed and restarted app.
e. Microsoft Lumia 650 (Windows 10 Mobile).

Thank you!

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