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Marie’s order board

Roslin BrownlieRoslin Brownlie Not a Title, but a StarRegistered User Posts: 29 Clueless Cookie

Why are my Marie’s orders huge I have to constantly skip them and others in my coop only get very small orders I mean like 1-3 items they manage to reach 60 in no time and others it takes days to complete I think this is unfair and everyone should get small orders to


  • Tracey Baronner HooverTracey Baronner Hoover Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 8 Loose Cannon

    I agree and have the same problem. Mine are more often than not impossible to achieve

  • dirichodiricho Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    Mine is the same I have massive orders that are impossible to compete. My daughter can hardly believe me when I tell her what I am asked for. For example 26 crab soufflés each one needs 3 chives, takes forever. 15 bottles of wine 40 pears, I could just go on. The only way I have played differently to my daughter was I stupidly bought keys when I first started playing! My barn is constantly clogged up with produce for Maria. The game just gets more frustrating and I am looking for a different game now as nothing ever gets done to improve it.

  • ljmeierljmeier Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 86 Dramachine
    I’ve heard that if you keep “x” orders, eventually the orders starting getting smaller. I have been doing that today, and the orders may not be as big, but the orders are still big. Hopefully this does the trick because I really like the game but it gets discouraging to try to play and it takes along time to make any progress.
  • Clady50Clady50 Registered User Posts: 27 Clueless Cookie
    Skipping orders does not help! I had heard this rumor as well. I skip almost 75% of mine and have for months. Often I skip every order and start over with new ones. I am at a higher level I will admit, but there are co op members on same level and some have super, super easy orders and others hard. I would love to know how Zynga determines this. Why do I skip orders? Because my board asks for orders of 24 glass horses, 17 birdhouses, 18 bottles of Chardonnay, and so on! Tired of it!! I just want an explanation of how the amounts are distributed. As a leader, it’s difficult to help members as no one wants my orders! I don’t even want them!! LOL I just help my members by posting items they need for their orders but it sure makes getting wood for my own use hard!
  • IwateGuyIwateGuy The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 63 Captain Obvious

    While x'ing out an order MIGHT get you a better one, I suspect that the only thing that would make a difference is failing the board. With the numbers as high as you describe, you might need to fail it several times.

    As for how the numbers are determined, my first question would be, "Do you complete the orders anyway and do you spend keys to do so?" Where Zynga is concerned, there may be no rhyme or reason for what happens but if there is any, it will revolve around money.

  • Clady50Clady50 Registered User Posts: 27 Clueless Cookie
    @IwateGuy I agree with the $$ comment!! I don’t use keys to finish orders except on very rare occasions when a member needs something fast and I want to help. I have thought very seriously about failing to meet my 60, but guilt always kicks in concerning not doing my share to meet the Co op goal. I might just have to contribute by making items and posting to help members complete their orders and leave mine at 4-5 and see if that helps! Funny thing is a few months ago I had reasonable orders and then bam! Got hit with the high amounts! I do not time hop nor use hacks so not sure why Zynga has decided to punish me. But now, I detest Marie and I think she is a cow!!! LOL
  • IwateGuyIwateGuy The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 63 Captain Obvious

    I've actually come to enjoy seeing Marie's "facepalm" when I open the board after failing it.

    There's no way to predict if you can lower your orders by failing your board but your coop completes the coop board. I'm inclined to think it won't help but it's probably worth a try.

    It's entirely possible there is some random element to it all and you didn't actually do anything to suddenly get the unreasonable orders. There is an extremely accurate assessment of competitions in Zynga games that was posted in a thread on the FV2 forums. Country Escape also being a Zynga game, it applies equally well. It's not my quote but I wish it were.

    Any sort of "competition" in a Zynga game shouldn't be taken too seriously - they're just a bunch of buggy, bogus, money generating features designed to prey upon the players.

    And that says it all.

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