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My mom suddenly has more than 8000 extra keys that she never earned or purchased

JulieMerJulieMer Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

My mom and I both play FarmVille 2. On Thanksgiving Day, she had to update her farm. The update kept taking her back to the screen where it asked if she wanted to update. So we deleted the app and re-installed. It appeared she had lost all her progress, but I got it back for her by completing the tutorial and reconnecting with Facebook. I got some keys, 25 I think, for connecting with Facebook. I turned her iPad back over to her. A couple minutes later, she noticed that she now has 8103 keys rather than the 28keys we would expect her to have. (She had 3 keys before the re-install.) No combination of accidental purchases seems to account for the extra. Besides that, if she tries to purchase anything now it says her purchase can’t be completed, so she couldn’t, have accidentally made a purchase. Has anyone had anything like this happen? Might it be a glitch on the site that they’ll discover and fix later, removing the excess keys? Or should we just consider this a Thanksgiving gift and expand the farm...something we couldn’t do very quickly before as EVERYTHING take large numbers of keys. I just don’t want to see her charged hundreds of dollars for keys she did not purchase.


  • DavidDDWDavidDDW Building Expert Registered User Posts: 41 Grasshopper

    What I would do is ...

    ... refresh the game a handful of times to see if they disappear on their own.

    ... check very carefully whatever payment scheme she has for purchases (credit card statement, for example) to be sure nothing gets applied.

    ... send a note to Support outlining what you've said here: update >> reinstall >> Facebook and then something like "now I have more keys than I can account for because I didn't purchase any keys." I'd finish off with, "What should I do?"

    ... let Support take it from there. You may not even hear back from them at all.

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