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why haven't you come up with a better way to make more items available in market?

MaryRicharteMaryRicharte Loose CannonRegistered User Posts: 8 Loose Cannon

There has got to be more availability for items other then just forks to be sold at market. There are hundreds of thousands of people playing this game. I don't understand why as soon as I get the new screen of items for sale, ( I have waited for the 5 min to turn over) all the items are already gone. Then I use my hard earned keys to advance to look at next avail and still gone. I have waisted so many keys to do this and still nothing avail but "forks" this is frustrating because my time is limited to play lately and not being able to finish some of these phases suckks. There should be more items avail for us to access. There are so many people playing and room in their barns need to be made to get items, so I can't see why there is such a problem, other then you are scamming people to purchase $$$ keys. I have purchased many many keys in the past. It got me no where in this game. It isn't fun anymore.


  • Melissa04topshelfMelissa04topshelf Registered User Posts: 11 Pumpkin
    I too complained about this. Especially when using keys to refresh. I received an automated reply basically to deal with it. No resolve.
  • djaendjaen Registered User Posts: 50 This Space is Available

    I also find the market being overrun by the cheapest event items irritating. It seems to happen with every event, I'm guessing it's because people who don't want to participate in the event still keep getting forks from doing things around their farms. Considering there seems to literally always be an event happening, it makes finding something useful in the market very difficult.

    That said, I don't really know what could be done about it. The market is a random list of users items for sale, Zynga doesn't control what and how much people are selling. And using keys to refresh only gets rid of the 5min wait time til the next market refresh, it has no effect on what items show up.

    Maybe Zynga could find some other way for us to get rid of unwanted event items, such as selling them directly for coins like you can do in your crop silo.

  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 1,256 Genius Genie

    @Aussiegilz said:
    Yeah - its not Zyngas fault people flood the market with useless stuffs - I'm sure they think they are helping - but they should just delete the items if they need room. If Zynga could make it so they could sell them off or delete them easier that would help but chances are they would still stick them in the market because they think they are helping or they wouldn't get full value or some other reason.

    It would be nice if we could sell off stuff at half price like the silo. That way, it won't feel like a total loss for people, and they won't clog the market (hopefully)

  • Bar34Bar34 Registered User Posts: 324 The One Who Knows it All

    Easy fix. Make event items as coop exclusive items until phase is completed. So coop members can sell on coop board showing cooperation. Then finish phase quest sell event items on open market then next phase.

  • Alpine_EnigmaAlpine_Enigma Super Moderator Super Moderator Posts: 2,774 Moderator

    Hi Farmers! We appreciate all your sentiments about the Global Market and why most of the items are sold out. As we raise your concerns to our Team for further feature improvements, you may use at least 3 Keys to skip or refresh the current interface to look for the event ingredients that you need. We appreciate your patience, guys!

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