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Sheep are stuck!

WillowsvergeWillowsverge Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

Why can i not feed my sheep? The event is already nearly impossible to do anyway and now i cant get these two dumb sheep weighed and out of the way! If you tap on them to feed them or anything, nothing happens. They just nod their heads in sync. Its creepy! I tried going in from the platform area to see whats going on. The only thing i find out is that now my time is up feeding and they need weighed. The only problem is that if you tap a sheep to weigh it, you get taken out of that screen to your farm. You still cant tap your sheep to weigh it. You also loose all the stuff off your screen(like number of keys, stamps etc. and the upper right hand links to global area etc. and the event info along the bottom) the only things you see are your farm. I had to just keep tapping the screen to get it to finally put everything back. After all that i still cant get my sheep to work. Any ideas?

Oh by the way, happy fifth! Ive been here from the start! I remember getting told about fv2ce on fv2!


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