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Not seeing Marie's Order Board

Sara03Sara03 Registered User Posts: 6 Loose Cannon
All of my co op are able to see and uae Marie's Order Board but I'm not seeing it. I'm at level 28. I've force shut down the game and restarted my phone. I contacted player support a couple of days ago but haven't heard anything. Any ideas?

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  • Alpine_EnigmaAlpine_Enigma Super Moderator Super Moderator Posts: 2,774 Moderator

    We appreciate the steps you've performed to fix your concern, @Sara03! There should be an envelope on the bottom right side of your screen and check if there's a "Limited Time Offer!" pop-up message. You'll be able to see a countdown timer before you can use the new and improved Marie's Order Board. If you wish to have an early access, you may need to unlock the feature with 500 Keys. For more info, click here. Thanks!

  • Sara03Sara03 Registered User Posts: 6 Loose Cannon
    It's absolutely ridiculous having to wait 8 days, that would be fine if it was the same for the rest of my co op but it's not. They all have access but I don't and they are cutting people out of the co op who aren't engaging with maries board. So where does that leave me when I'm the only one who doesn't have maries board not to mention the fact that the game is just the same thing now. I enjoyed the fact that things were changed up from time to time but now it's just the same thing. Not much point in continuing to play
  • KimaKima Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    Is there a way to earn Marie's Order board without spending money?

  • diamond11diamond11 Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
    I am having trouble seeing my Marie Board?
    I’m a level 78 I play daily and a Co op Leader. There is 5 of us good leaders.
    We have night leaders and 3 day time.

    I pay every other week for keys to get my farm up and running.
    I have multiple times stated this board isn’t showing up when I take co op orders some they do and other they don’t.
    We leaders pull in 60 orders a week from lower level members we fill their board.
    We only ask they post pictures to prevent theft in our co op ?
    Any leader asked the same from their members in the co op they run.
    We only want our game to run better than it’s been doing.
    I don’t clone although if someone is going to they have a right to do so.
    I just don’t want any more problems with my game than already is doing.
    Please fix this problem.
    I have a new phone it’s best they have on the market.
    I play this religiously for 15 hrs a day I guess I’m hooked honestly.
    After all it’s my only game I play.
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