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Show Pigs

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Join a partner to grow an adorable Partner Pig to its full potential! There are a bunch of Partner Pigs to earn. Collect 'em all!

If you are at least Level 20, you will be invited to raise amazing pigs with friends or random partners to get rare costumes.


  • You will need to force close the game to see the update, this means clearing your device's memory of the current game data that you are using; you may even need to reboot your device!
  • If you are still not seeing the update, do not worry as we're currently testing the Show Pigs feature on a limited number of players. We ask for your understanding while we test this feature for future release to everyone.

Start the fun by visiting the Show Booth located beside the Prize Tent at the side of the road. Purchase Pig Pens and place them on your farm to start raising your own Show Pigs!

There are 6 different Pig breeds to choose from, with their own rarity and costumes to collect. Raise all Pigs and complete their costume collections today.

What if I can't choose a Pig to raise?

Still choosing for a Pig to raise? Why not help other Farmers first?

If you can't choose a Pig to raise, you can help a friend or another farmer raise a pig of their own by tapping on a "badged" Pig and select which friend you want to help.

What if I don't have enough coins to buy a Pig?

Worried about the amount of money you have? Why not raise a Pig for FREE?

You can win Free Pigs to raise from weigh ins. Pigs won from a previous weigh in will have a green FREE text on them.

How do I invite a Partner?

Feeding a Pig with a Partner is so much fun!

To invite a Partner, simply click on the "Invite Partner" button beside the Pig's progress bar located at the bottom of the screen.

Once clicked, the Invite Partner button gives you two choices:

• Find Partner - chooses a random Partner for you to raise your Pig with.
• Choose Friend - allows you to choose from the list of friends that you have in the game.

You may choose between your Friends in the game or the people from your Co-op by putting a check mark on the tick boxes beside their names.

Note: You can invite random players if the friends you've selected don't respond within 12 hours by putting a check mark on the Global Invite tick box.

When someone accepts your invite, their profile picture will appear at the other side of the Pig's progress bar.

How will I know if someone invites me to be their Partner?

When someone invites you be to a Partner, their Profile Photo will appear on the Show Booth.

If you are already raising a Pig of your own, you will need to add a new Pen on your farm to accept a friend's invite.

After placing the Pen, choose the Pig indicated by to accept your Partner's invite for Free!

Feeding your Pig

Your Pig has a train of items that he wants to eat. You can see the current item and the three upcoming items that you need to feed your Pig with. This allows you and your partner to strategize and fill your Pig's progress meter as soon as possible. The bigger the Pig, the bigger the rewards!

What if I and my Partner don't have the current feed available?

You can tap on the "X" button located on top of the current feed to move to next one. This allows you to maximize the feeding of your pet. Once an item is removed, you will have to wait for the timer to elapse before you can continue with the next feed.


  • Removing an item from the train also removes an increment in the meter. Think carefully on when to remove items from the feed train
  • If the "X" button is not showing, you can ask your Co-op for help if you can't feed your Pig because it's asking for items which you don't have, and you can't craft it. Also, don't forget to check the Market for rare items and ingredients

Why is my Pig sleeping?

A Pig's nap is a simple timer that allows you and your Partner to take a break from feeding it. While napping a Pig displays the item it wants next. Take this time to create items and strategize on your next move.

How do I feed my Pig?

Feed your Pig by dragging the filled order onto your Pig. Each feed adds an increment to your Pig's Progress meter.

If you have a Partner in raising a Pig, a notification will show each time they feed it.

Do I need to visit my Partner's farm to feed our Pig?

No. You no longer need to visit your Partner's farm to feed your Pig as it is a shared asset.

The Progress meter resets to empty after a Stage is reached.

Reach Stage 4 to enter Costume Mode.

Upon reaching Costume Mode, you and your Partner can continue feeding your Pig to its full weight potential until the Weigh in to win rare costumes and more rewards!

You can get different prizes during the weigh in, including Costumes, and Free Pigs which becomes available when you choose another Pig to feed.

What happens after my Pig is weighed in?

You can grow a new Pig after every weigh in. This means that you can choose from the other breeds available, including choosing a new Partner to raise the chosen Pig with. You can also choose the same breed and Partner that you previously had.

Can I raise multiple Pigs at once?

Yes. You can place up to 6 Pens on your farm to grow more pigs at once!

Note: Spend keys starting from your 3rd Pen all the way to your 6th Pen.

Can I store my extra Pen to use for later time?

Yes. You can only store an empty Pen. Tap the Pen icon to store it.

You can find the Pen you stored in the Show Booth and it can be accessed by tapping the Free! button

Dinner Bells

Dinner Bells allows your Pig to stay active for the next 2 hours. This allows you and your Partner to speed up feeding your Pig without worrying of your Pig taking a nap.

Can I rename my Pig?

Yes. You can rename your Pig by tapping on the pen icon beside its name.

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