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    December 5
  • M7MGM
    It seems you're one of the most informed member of this site, so I will ask you what I've been asking Zynga:) I am very happy with the game I use..Version 7..a basic game that had full ad buy out.
    I read a moderators response in another thread and he said that you must have all IOS updates for chat to work properly. Those updates don't support this game.
    When I ask ..is this really temporary...or a forced upgrade...I don't get an answer, just "we'll provide updates"..which haven't come.
    I think I'm being a little naive to think that chat will work again.
    What do you think?

    My apologies for bothering you with this ...the burdens of being "forum detective"!!
    November 28
    • linkshighlights
      No bother at all. I enjoy trying to help whenever I can. I don't own any iDevices so I cannot help with anything to do with them other than point people to Support. I can tell you that I have received great help from Support when I've had to contact them directly. They will reply to you via email and if you need to follow up with what they suggested, reply to the email rather than starting over with the form. Let me know how it goes for you... http://zynga.my/WWFContactUs
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    November 26
  • anneke0708

    Sorry, previous comment posted on the wrong thread.

    November 26
    • linkshighlights
      No problem. I hope you reported them via email and make sure to include their username instead of their real name. reportabuse@zynga.com
  • anneke0708

    Add JONO BIGGS to the growing list of scammers. His Twitter account is also suspended. He claims to be a Mud Engineer in an oil rig but his grammar is horrendous.

    November 26
  • Let's get social!
    November 25
  • Let's get social!
    November 25
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    November 19
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    November 13
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    November 11
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    November 11
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    November 6
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    October 31
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    October 30
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    October 23
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    October 20
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    October 19
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    October 15
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    October 13