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Sofia Allianah · Super Moderator · mod


Sofia Allianah
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  • lisadamon89
    Hi are you able to help with unblocking someone? Thanks
    August 3
  • kevthevillaboy

    Hi I recently blocked a lady on my game without concentrating could you from your end unblock her if i gave you her name :)

    August 1
  • claire_freeman1973

    Hello- are you the person who can help with problems using the Words app? I posted somewhere else too. I just became a player in June. I downloaded to my iphone the Words and Classic Words apps in June. The Words app allowed the word radar- I believe that is the name for the program letting you know if a word is valid and how many points it is worth..? The Classic Words did not allow word radar. Anywho I just got a new iphone se but when I downloaded Words and Classic Words I discovered that I cannot get the word radar on either app. I cannot live without word radar now! I'm not talking about word strength- that I can get. Please advise! Thank you!!

    August 1
  • zyngawf_61772316
    Can you please clear my blocked list I'm unable to access it, thks!
    July 17
  • nessa20988
    Can u help me n my friend out we can't play each other no more we get maxed out notification every time we request a game!
    July 17
  • Chuckk

    Dear Sofia, Please also advise why there is never any follow-up when players propose words that are not in the WWF dictionary. Please comment as well in why the British version continues to have no dictionary at all. Thanks.

    June 23
  • Chuckk

    Dear Sofia, Thanks for your response to my query on missing features in the iPad version. Yes, word strength meter is available in the menu. But I continue to have no hindsight, word radar or "pass without losing turn" features in the iPad version. These features have been available for a very long time on iPhone but are you saying they have not been rolled out in the iPad version yet? How can this be? Why are we essentially being made to play an inferior game, and at a serious disadvantage, when playing on the iPad??? And why can't we simply run the iPhone version, which is superior in many ways, on the iPad? The iPad version of the game is extremely frustrating and falls far short. Even the mechanics of the app are far more tedious to use than the iPhone version, including the need to sweep right to left to see games in progress. The relative simplicity of the iPhone app makes it far more smooth and efficient to use. Please advise when the features will be rolled out for iPad. Than

    June 23