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Sofia Allianah
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  • MaggieP_1703

    One of my friends has passed away. It really distresses me to continue to see her name in WWF. Can anything be done? And please let something be done to make it possible to remove ads. Thank you

    December 6
    • linkshighlights
      I'm sorry for your loss. The Moddies don't moderate their own walls so you should post this in the forum for them to see instead. Perhaps "blocking" your friend would work. Or you can get help through Support
  • mjpjr227

    Ho Sofia, Looks like you were the person gathering potentially new words for the game - but that that process has been closed off ?!? Here is a list of two-letter words you should consider: ra, ri, se, le and te. Why? It completes the list of solfege words (sounds) already existing in the US English dictionary. The existing list already includes ba, do, di, re, me, mi, fa, fi, sol, lo, la, li, ta and ti. The current dictionary is missing only 5 more solfege words. There's a full discussion of solfege in Wikipedia should anyone want proof of usage.

    November 27
    • linkshighlights
      I've never seen the Moddies reply to their own wall. I suggest you re-post that in the forum.
  • Let's get social!
    November 22
  • mamafett071316

    I accidentally had a friend blocked. I went to unblock and unblocked her but it still wont let me play her. she is no longer in the block or unblock list. what do i do

    November 22
    • linkshighlights
      They don't read messages on their own wall. Next time post your question in the forum to get more help. For help with unblocking you need send your username and the username you want unblocked to Support.

  • jeaniestewart

    My word game will not allow me to "rematch" or create new games all of a sudden. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Is there anything else I can go.

    November 19
  • Sofia Allianah and PaulStevens earned the 5 LOLs badge.
    You received 5 LOLs. We like that.
    November 5
  • Monalisaclaire
    The new coin cost on power ups is going to make be quit the game. The whole reason I work so hard to get the achievements is to earn coins. Honestly, I’ve never experienced another app wit such shady business practices. The cost for 30 power ups is tripled!!!! No warning, no legitimate reason other than trying to make a higher profit without actually improving the game!!!
    October 31
  • Sofia Allianah earned the 1000 Comments badge.
    You’re practically family.
    October 25