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Sofia Allianah
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  • Bae
    Wasn't sure where to report this but Solo Play is not responding. The last play was mine and it's been over 24 hours since my last play and it's a new game. I resigned and started a new game and the same thing happened. No response from Solo Play.
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    April 15
  • AuntieFriendBoo

    I always seem to be getting the same ads for games, like Empire and Allies or Book of Life. Is there any way to vary the ads please?

    April 6
  • Chrizz819

    Hi Sofia - Sorry to trouble you but yy problem is the same as many on this forum and somewhat disappointing that Zynga have yet to this out - I cannot start a WWF game with my a friend I have been playing with for a long time. We have followed all of the trouble shooting protocols including double checking our blocked lists and neither of us is blocked. This seems to happen to a handful of the people i play against before it naturally resolves itself. As I play people from all around the world and don't always have an email address or another way of contacting them it causes a lot of frustration until it finally does fix itself. In this instance any help you could give me to recover this friend would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time

    April 5
  • trudy_bruner47
    Your answere to my question didn't work he still gets the message I'm maxed out andw we have checked out the blocked Very frustrated about this we used to play a new game every day trudy_bruner47
    April 4
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    March 28
  • lan03don

    Why have the winners never been published on the WWF contest for January? I got emails each week saying I had made that weeks challenge, but when the contest is over, nothing . Was it all a scam???

    March 5
    • lan03don
      finally found them published march 10. thanks...no one i played with
      won anything. rats!!!
  • picwix

    Hi there is much debate as top whether the term 'squaw' is derogatory or not with opinion divided - but either way isn't it a word!?

    March 26
  • M8Bass

    Hi Sofia - Sorry to trouble you with this but after extensive looking on the forum AND sending a contact-ticket to Zynga, I am still getting nowhere and you seem to be the only taking a role in this. My problem is the same as many on this forum and somewhat disappointing that Zynga have not ironed this out - that being, I cannot start a WWF game with my wife without "oops, something went wrong" appearing. In addition to using my tablet, I have also tried to start a game using the Facebook Web-version and it says she has too many games in progress - this is NOT the case. Furthermore, neither has either of us accidently blocked each other - I have checked the "block-list" on both our devices/accounts. She is able to start a game with me from her end BUT it doesn't appear or pull-thru to my device. Interestingly, using my phone is OK but since the app is soo data-heavy, I have taken it off and using it on my android tablet only now... and find myself in this position. Please help!

    March 23
  • 1Perrette

    Can't chat the ads in the lower right side won't allow us to type

    March 22
  • Sherbetcane

    can u help me unblock a friend and getting my badges back? all my badges are lost and i cannot find a way of getting them back. i contacted support and i have received nothing from them

    March 20
  • Leslie

    I hope you can help me. I blocked the wrong person! I have tried to go to account management to unblock them but they are not listed as blocked so that is not an option for me. I cannot start a new game with them either, it keeps saying that there is an error. How can I unblock someone when it doesn't show they are blocked? Please help! thank you :)

    January 3
  • trish2233

    Hi can u help me unblock someone I have tried it just says you haven't blocked anyone they have also disappeared of my friends list my username is trish2244 and all I can remember is there name is mark m

    March 2