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Sofia Allianah
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  • picwix

    Hi there is much debate as top whether the term 'squaw' is derogatory or not with opinion divided - but either way isn't it a word!?

    March 26
  • M8Bass

    Hi Sofia - Sorry to trouble you with this but after extensive looking on the forum AND sending a contact-ticket to Zynga, I am still getting nowhere and you seem to be the only taking a role in this. My problem is the same as many on this forum and somewhat disappointing that Zynga have not ironed this out - that being, I cannot start a WWF game with my wife without "oops, something went wrong" appearing. In addition to using my tablet, I have also tried to start a game using the Facebook Web-version and it says she has too many games in progress - this is NOT the case. Furthermore, neither has either of us accidently blocked each other - I have checked the "block-list" on both our devices/accounts. She is able to start a game with me from her end BUT it doesn't appear or pull-thru to my device. Interestingly, using my phone is OK but since the app is soo data-heavy, I have taken it off and using it on my android tablet only now... and find myself in this position. Please help!

    March 23
  • 1Perrette

    Can't chat the ads in the lower right side won't allow us to type

    March 22
  • Sherbetcane

    can u help me unblock a friend and getting my badges back? all my badges are lost and i cannot find a way of getting them back. i contacted support and i have received nothing from them

    March 20
  • lan03don

    Why have the winners never been published on the WWF contest for January? I got emails each week saying I had made that weeks challenge, but when the contest is over, nothing . Was it all a scam???

    March 5
  • Leslie

    I hope you can help me. I blocked the wrong person! I have tried to go to account management to unblock them but they are not listed as blocked so that is not an option for me. I cannot start a new game with them either, it keeps saying that there is an error. How can I unblock someone when it doesn't show they are blocked? Please help! thank you :)

    January 3
  • trish2233

    Hi can u help me unblock someone I have tried it just says you haven't blocked anyone they have also disappeared of my friends list my username is trish2244 and all I can remember is there name is mark m

    March 2
  • Sofia Allianah earned the 5 Answers badge.
    Your willingness to share knowledge has definitely been noticed.
    February 28
  • HalP

    How do I stop pop-up ads on my computer with words with friends?

    February 2
    • HalP
      I updated my OS on my Macbokpro and signed out of WWFS on my problems now..amen...
      Not sure which one did the trick but the annoying ads are gone for now.
  • Sofia Allianah earned the 500 Comments badge.
    Settled in, saw the sights, learned the territory, and most importantly: gave back.
    January 31
  • ConnieR
    I started playing the new week this morning and my points are not showing up ?what do I do?
    January 30