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When "words" aren't really words!

Rob14erGuyRob14erGuy Posts: 17Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

Here is my actual conversation with technical support in trying to find out where they got all these new "words"!
Pretty amusing how my question never gets answered!

How is my opponent able to play an invalid word (she played, "je")? It even says invalid on the right-hand column and yet she played it and got points for it!

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the screenshot. I appreciate you sharing with us the observation you have seen with the Dictionary. We recently merged the US English and UK English Word libraries, enabling the words such as BU, EE, EA, FU, IB, IO, JA, JE, OO, OU, PO, TE, VU, Yi and other words to be accepted once you have updated your app.

Our game is constantly being developed and a lot more can be added and changed. We strive to create the greatest social gaming experience available and feedback from players, such as you, helps us make our game the best they can be. It is thanks to players like you that push us to develop new game content. Rest assured that we are committed to give you the best gaming experience.

To help you further, please ensure that your version is updated by checking the links below:

For iOS:

Enjoy the game!

Tech Support,

In my opinion, you're diluting this challenging word game with too many seldom used/obsolete words. I have been a Scrabble player for many years and studied the valid words and definitions that game allows. One of the reasons I started playing Words With Friends was because the word list it used seemed to be very similar. Now, you're taking away the skills one needs and letting them get "lucky" with hoping to get a play with trying multiple combinations of letters.

It seems I can't update my old iPad to your latest version and yet my opponents can play these "new" words you allow! I wouldn't really feel good about adding these new "words" anyway, so I'm considering deleting this game once my current games are finished and I explain this to my friends. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.


Thank you for the update Rob! Upon checking, it shows that your game is currently at New Words with Friends (an old game version). As of now, the latest version of the app available on the App Store is at 12.37.1. For you to be able to update your app completely please uninstall the app your using and download the app using the link posted below and login with your correct account.

App Download:

Thank you for your patience!

Tech Support,

Thank you for that information.

As I mentioned in my first paragraph, I'm more concerned of your decision to incorporate these new "words" than I am of downloading the latest version.

You stated you "...recently merged the US English and UK English Word libraries". Please refer me to the source you used for this UK dictionary that contains these new words, specifically the 14 two-letter words you listed above.


Just wanted to inform you that our game official dictionary is Oxford Dictionary. Click this link to check their

Also we are aware that we still haven't perfectly develop our game dictionary of accepted words. The game is
still developing and updating and we are trying our best to make our customers have better players
experience. We are thankful for players like you that gives their feedback in the game, that help us to improve
and better our game.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Tech Support,

Thank you for referring me to the link to your official dictionary. I'm still frustrated in not being able to find these "words" on that site! Let me be very specific this time. BU, EA, FU, IB, IO, JE, TE, and VU are not shown to be words in your official dictionary. I even searched through the site and found their "Comprehensive List of Two Letter Words" but they weren't listed there either. I'm always interested in learning new words but also like to know definitions so please help me understand how you came about these new ones.


Thanks for letting us know about this. There are some words that has been added on the Game Dictionary. In order to add the accepted words from your game, I suggest to please update your game to the latest version. To help you with that, click this link:



Here are the words that are now added to valid words in the game (UK / US English):

bu, ee, eo, fu, ib, io, ja, je, oo, ou, po, te, vu, yi

Thanks for playing!

At this point, the communication chain was broken and I wasn't given the option to reply. I had to start a new conversation."

Tech Support,

I didn't get my question answered during our last conversation and wasn't given the option of sending a reply, so I'm asking again in a new conversation.

I'm curious about the new "words" that were added in the latest version of "Words With Friends". Specifically, several 2-letter combinations that I have not been able to confirm to be actual words.

In the previous conversation we had, you informed me your game official dictionary is Oxford Dictionary and I can check their website at:

I did that and found the words to be invalid. I'll list 8 specific "words" that I'm referring to. BU, EA, FU, IB, IO, JE, TE, and VU are not shown to be words in your official dictionary even though they're allowed in your game. I even searched through the site and found their "Comprehensive List of Two Letter Words" but they weren't listed there either. I'm always interested in learning new words but also like to know definitions so please help me understand how you came about these new ones.


Hello Rob, We recommend updating to the latest version available as the team made some changes with the in-game dictionary. The update includes the merging of the US English and UK English dictionaries. You can follow the steps on this link ( to update your game app.

If the issue persists, after updating the app, we recommend playing on the Words With Friends 2 app ( You should still be able to access your old records, provided that you use the same login credentials (email or Facebook account). We appreciate your patience.

Tech Support,

Thank you for your reply but that did not answer my question at all! I'm aware that I can use these new "words" once I update to the latest version.

My question is how you came up with these new "words" in your latest update. Please look again at these 8 specific "words" that I'm referring to:

BU, EA, FU, IB, IO, JE, TE, and VU.

They are not found in your official Oxford dictionary at:

How did you come up with them and what are the definitions? If they really are words, I'm eager to learn them and add them to my vocabulary!


Surprised with the new words being played in the game? The game just got an upgrade, which added new words and merged the UK and US English Dictionary. It is possible that your opponent is using the updated Words With Friends 2 that's why they are able to play the new valid words.

To apply the change, it is recommended that you upgrade your game version. Here are the steps:

If you are using the old version, like Classic WWF or New WWF, please uninstall the app, and install using this link:

Thanks for playing!


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