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Pay to play solo challenge

upsethumanupsethuman Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
edited May 30 in Feedback & Suggestions
I've noticed my solo challenges now have a 8 hour cool down no matter what. Why you guys care if I blow through the solo challenges I don't know but...
Here are problems I've run into that frustrate me

1) if I pay coins to unlock a challenger - it's only fair that a challenger should remain unlocked and off cool down permenantly. I paid!! Why on Earth do they go back on cooldown if I lose? I should be able to play that challenger, until I win... please respect that we paid to unlock/bypass the. Cooldown. I know it's imaginary money but still it makes me upset when I pay to bypass a cooldown and if I lose, have to pay or wait. It seems like a money grab.

2) it would be reasonable if solo challenger cooldowns were removed the last 24 hours of an event so we have a chance to complete and earn badges... I missed the last one, and had time to complete it...but when the challengers cool down is 8 hours (and I'm out of coins) and there's only 4 hours left in an event... It basically makes the last hours of any event unplayable. Unless the user spends $$$ to buy the coins ( takes the risk of losing) and spends a bunch just to finish and get the badge or's a cluster...and seems like a money grab again... just put more ads in!!!

I understand why the timer is there, cooldown is fine, but the way it's been executed seems unfair.


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