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Player posting someone else’s photo - scam

FleurPinkFleurPink Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
Player Chrustopher started chit chatting, widow, 2 daughters, Marine Engineer with Maersk, not too techie. No cell phone at work. Too friendly too fast. Asked for Googke Hangouts 1st I ever hear of it. He sent photos and then called where is was very clear that the danish looking photo did not match up with the very thick Jamaican accent. Cut off communication. Blocked on WWF. Identity thief is really scary.


  • torrdancertorrdancer Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    I’m also playing a game with a scammer but thx to these forums I’m on to him. Actually at the moment I have three of them wooing me! Im curious to see how far they will go. One of them stated his love for me in under 20min of our chat conversation!

  • caperjackiecaperjackie Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    I have noticed a lot of 'catfish' on words lately ....... first clue (aside from wanting to chat) is that they usually have a surname that is also a first name ....... real examples from this month are Benjamin Scot and Henry Clark. Quite often they have only been playing words for a short time. Is there anywhere on this site that we can list them?

  • AnotheroneAnotherone Posts: 31Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller
    This is the only place that I know of...
    We should all screenshot these losers here....

    One got very very nasty with me two days ago. I called him out and he called me names I had to Google. And they were all terms from scammers in Nigeria!!! Imagine that?

    Safe playing everyone.

    I think I will screenshot each dude from now on...
    And post here.
  • AnotheroneAnotherone Posts: 31Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller
    Different approach, but he asked for money. Image that...
  • Deb123Deb123 Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
  • Anne3004Anne3004 Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    Watch out for Jamestini, just changed his photo after I started to talk to him about scams.still goes on line. Shame really I enjoyed our chats. He was typical scam material but hadn't and didn't ask for any money.

  • burnsy1burnsy1 Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
    Garryparker5230 add to the new scammers list.
  • JoyintheusaJoyintheusa Posts: 32Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller
    Here’s my research-since I’ve been getting 3-5 a day for the last few months:
    1. It doesn’t matter if you list them here-they change name and picture and open another account. And while there is a definite pattern I’ve only had 2 ask for money on wwf. Most are very aggressive about getting you off wwf first. Technically unless they ask for money what are you reporting? conversation?
    2. Comment on their picture - because the pictures are fake they are thrown off. I had one post the cover of a book with the title on it but he misspelled captain in his own name?! Really? Another posted a picture in ski clothes. I said “so you ski?” He had no clue what I meant.
    3. Use American slang or vernacular. Throws them off. Their English is quite formal, using “dear” and “my friend”.
    4. How long have they been playing? Beware of the new players. And low point averages. Means they don’t finish games.
    5. They use the cheat. Ask about a word they’ve used. Huge words but can’t talk?!
    6. For playing a grammar game their syntax sucks!
    7. they will ask where you are from. That means country of origin to them not what state. Even if they claim to be American, they aren’t.
    8. Offshore often And i had 3 orthopedic surgeons with the UN. 3!
    9. But realize they are collecting your data. And they circle back adding things to be more appealing to you. Don’t give them your real info.
    10. They want to get you on to another site before they ask for money. Don’t go to any other venue.
    11. And as scammers once they get you on another site, phone number, hangouts, what’s ap, em or FB they can mine for your information. Be really cautious about going off site. ON wwf you are pretty safe. Have fun, lie, confabulate!
    12. I’m concerned they work in teams as well. I noticed if I added a detail (my age which I change up) the next bunch were my age. I revealed my occupation (which I frequently change up) the next slew were in the same field.
    13. Yes, lonely widows who adored their wives. Or accidents in which they were killed. Children w guardians or relatives while they work contracts offshore. Always they are American when obviously they aren’t. UN missions, oil rigs. Lots of engineers. Military.
    14. Makes me sad because I’ve played a long time and love the game. I have people in other counties and all over the USA that I’ve played w for years. This year has been an increase of scammers. But I did open the game option of “play someone new”, and that’s how they get you. And there are nice men out there that are going to get jammed because of this.
    15. Ladies be cautious! Again, don’t go offsite. If he’s real he will get to know you on wwf because it isn’t your money he wants.
    16. Lastly never ever ever send them money!
    Hope this helps someone!
  • wwegekers877wwegekers877 Posts: 1,218Registered User, Facebook Connect User Genius Genie

    yet hardly no mention vpns get used yet we blame nigeria everything!

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