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Interesting Lightning Round Games

QuertymumQuertymum Posts: 5Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon
edited June 2018 in Game Discussion

I thought it might be interesting and fun to discuss experiences with Lightning Round Games. I’m relatively new to this forum and so apologies if this has been done before. I’ve just played a game where I had to swap twice where a word had not been played on each board because each rack contained all consonants. Our team won the game. In terms of score I was third! But I felt great and that that game was mine for strategy!


  • napalmchengnapalmcheng Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    Most people, at first, don't understand how different the LR is from regular WWF. Read this forum and you'll get the gist.

    Dr. Opa

  • QuertymumQuertymum Posts: 5Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon
    edited June 2018

    I have read posts on this forum and I most definitely have got the gist! I found some of the comments rather negative and condescending(!) I thought it might be fun especially for a newbie like me to discuss interesting experiences of the game. For example, I enjoy games that last a bit longer where all the players score above 100.

  • ezramosescookezramosescook Posts: 4Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    I've been playing for awhile and I agree that some people are harsh about newbies, but hey, you have to learn somewhere. I've posted this elsewhere, but here are some tips I have learned from others, and some I have put together. Hope this helps!

    1. The game is based on speed and points. It is better to play a three-letter word than to stop and think what word you should play. You should be playing at least 9 words per game.

    2. Do not block extra point spaces. Just play a three-letter word somewhere else. At the very least, play a two-letter word. Chances are, someone with skill on your team can build off of your word, but no one can save a blocked extra point.

    3. Don’t waste a plural S unless it helps you make it to an extra points space or it’s at the end of the game. For example, play LIKE, but not LIKES. The reason is, when your cohort plays the S, they get the points for LIKES and their new word which increases the points for the team.

    4. Ditto for past tense D. Play WIRE, but not WIRED. However, play TAXED insted of TAX, because it is easier to play off of a 5 letter word instead of a 3 letter word.

    5. Set your teammates up. This game is instant karma. If you're playing 10-20 words per round, you WILL BE SET UP too! There a lot of people who complain about always setting up others, but look at their average points and words per round; they're only playing 3-6 words per round.

    6. Once your team reaches 600 points, just play words! You have five people on your team. If each of you play two 3 letter words, with an average score of 15 points, your team will win in two plays. It's an average. Someone will play a 10 point word, and someone will play a 20 point word.

    7. If you get a rack with no plays, SWAP! Don’t pass it to the next person to do your chore. If everyone passes a bad rack, it wastes time and points. Take one for the team.

    8. The object is not to top your team. Play words, and lots of words. If you're averaging 8 or fewer words per round, you're too slow.

    9. Learn new words.

    10. After you've played, your board and tile rack go to the next player (unless they're all too slow, you'll get your own board back). So, have confidence that the next player will play off of your set up. Play JO instead of JOE (unless you're at 600+ points, then play JOE, or, unless JO was a set up for a triple point or triple word point). Play JOE instead of JOES (ditto on the unless portion).

    11. Gain speed. If 5 people played 10 words each, with an average word value of 15, you'll be done in less then 10 words, because someone IS going to play a 50-100 point word.

    12. Don't worry about new players pulling their weight. They'll figure it out. Besides, the game is only 90 seconds long. If you play your 10+ words, average 15 points, you'll win most of the time.

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