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Ridiculous ads

lrcklrck Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
paying 9.99 a month to remove ads is absolutely ridiculous you are charging the same price as Netflix for one game to be ad free I have played this game for years and years and my loyalty is rewarded by a slap in the face my biggest regret in playing this is not paying the $2.99 on this account for ad free that’s a reasonable price for an ad free experience I will pay for an ad blocker so you see no money not for a premium version not for ads nothing because you are a ridiculous company you are driving so many users away with this ad laden experience I hope your shareholders recognize the sheer incompetency in this active decision to have no regard for your profit base, your players. You should grandfather in players who have played since before this change to be able to pay the 2.99 price for no ads.


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