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Sync Played Games Between Devices

NoBiteNoBite CloudyliciousPosts: 134Registered User The Pesky Helper
edited November 2018 in Feedback & Suggestions

This isn't a huge issue, but it is one that has been here since the beginning of WWF. When you have completed games, you need to dispense with them by either reviewing and clicking them gone, or starting a new game. If you play on more than one device, your completed games will be listed above your current games. If you alternate through the day from one device to another, these played games will mount up. You have to then clear them from EACH device! It would be great, and intuitive, if once you cleared a played game from ANY device, they would be cleared from ALL devices. As a matter of comparison, plays you make in a game on any device are synced on all your devices! Why not the same for played games that have been cleared?!


  • wwegekers877wwegekers877 Posts: 1,064Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pet Queen

    go down completed game click delete button for each one

  • NoBiteNoBite Cloudylicious Posts: 134Registered User The Pesky Helper
    The issue is not that I don’t know how to delete them! I wish that when they were deleted on one device those deletions would be sync’d to all other devices. Your score is sync’d to all devices. All your plays are sync’d between devices. Why not deleted games?
  • wwegekers877wwegekers877 Posts: 1,064Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pet Queen

    there should be list completed game

  • NoBiteNoBite Cloudylicious Posts: 134Registered User The Pesky Helper

    I have no idea what you just said! I think we may have a language barrier. I'm sorry. I'm in hopes someone else might respond.

    At the risk of over-complicating things, let me try to further explain my quest.

    If you use more than one device (i.e. an iPad and an iPhone), and you have played and completed some games on one device, when you sign on to the other device you may find four lists of games:
    1) Results. This is the list I have been referring to all along.
    2) Your Move. These are active games where it is your turn.
    3) Their Move. These are active games where it is your opponent's turn.
    4) Completed Games. Self-descriptive.

    It is the first category, Results, where I am asking for some attention. When you are playing on any device, if you play the last move in a game (whether or not you are the winner), you are given the opportunity to Rematch, and the results of that game go into you opponent's Results file. If, however, your opponent makes the last move in the game, that game goes into your Results file. So far, so good. If you now go to your Results file, you'll find only the games in which you did not make the last move. Here's where it gets redundant. If you now change devices, let's say you were playing on your iPad at home and now you're out and have a moment on your iPhone to play, when you go to your Results file you will find Results for ALL games played: the ones where you played the last move and those where your opponent played the last move.

    So, let's say you have an agreement with your opponents that whoever wins a game gets the honor of starting a rematch. Now, it's pretty simple to keep this straight playing on one device only. If you played the last move and won, simply rematch. If there are any games in the Results file, look at them and see who won. Start a rematch where you won. If you didn't win, delete that game from that file.

    But, the way things are right now, with the Results file actions (rematch or delete) not being sync'd between devices, if you are on your second device and go the Results file, you'll find all completed games. You may very well have quite a few there and if you don't remember whether your wins have already been rematched, you might end up starting quite a few extra games. But, the biggest complaint is simply the hassle of having to go through all the games in the Results file and delete them when actually you already handled that on your first device. It's a nuisance and waste of time. If you don't do it, your game gets very cluttered up quickly if you play a lot of games.

    Sorry for being so long-winded, but maybe THIS explanation will be more clear.

  • linkshighlightslinkshighlights Posts: 1,588Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Chosen One

    @NoBite Your first comment was perfectly clear and while I do not have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue, I can assure you that it's not just an iDevice problem. I run into the exact same issue when alternating between my galaxy phone and my galaxy tablet. It's super frustrating how redundant it is to re-delete all the finished games!

  • NoBiteNoBite Cloudylicious Posts: 134Registered User The Pesky Helper
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