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game over-too many ads

tickedticked Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums

I don't mind SOME ads, but you have infused your WWF with so many ads that it infects ALL THREE of my browsers. I have a top of line Mac, totally updated, 8 gigs of ram, 2 TB, and I am only running a browser, but still ... but still.. I can only make like 3 moves and your game slows down, and slows down, and slows down to a HALT!!! .. then I have to switch browsers and it runs ok FOR A BIT.. then it slows down and slows down. And by that time I just give up. I know you need ads, but, you put the ads in priority before your players. Which means, your money revenue is more important than the ones that put the money in your pocket. Then you have the gall to charge us for not having ads!! HA!! that will never happen. Most of us don't mind seeing some ads, but we surly don'e like our browsers being run over by malware and adware. Disgusting. I could write a book on this whole thing. I am gonna go back to Scrabble and get my friends to do so also. I sure don'e need an infecting website that only accepts their words and NOT what is in the dictionary... i.e. "****" .... look that word up. You will find plenty of of listings. I just don't like your game anymore and will contact "word game" friends to find a new one. Yours has just gotten out of hand. The pop ups, the lack of a "normal" dictionary, the infecting my browser, has caused me nothing but two words... MISERY, FRUSTRATION. Enjoy your high time in advertising profits, but be sure to never forget ... "he that does not serve those that serve him, eats alone on an empty plate." - I just wrote that. lol .. I like it.


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