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Can't believe high scores in Lightning Round!!

OldDogOldDog Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I am relatively new to WWF2 but now have played several hundred games...enough to have made some observations. First, I don't like the MANIPULATION of the word racks by WWF2--at least it appears to me that the selection is NOT truly random, as it would be if manually selected . Rather, there are too many ALL vowels or consonant racks to be coincidence; but then, even when both are present, the selection is almost always (deliberately?) made up of queer letters that rarely can be combined and would not appear together randomly as often. In particular, why is it that the "Z" is present in almost EVERY rack even though there are very few words to be made from a "Z"?! Can't be coincidence (random chance)! Lastly, but NOT least: I cannot see any possibility of scoring in the 300-400+ range in this game!! The usernames that post those score are either: FAKE (i.e. the computer) or people who have figured out how to "game" the system with some kind of SCHEME, IMHO. Example: to score even 400, one would have to be able to place at least FIVE (5) 80-point words, a scoring opportunity that only comes around perhaps once in a hundred games, in my experience. (Even after playing, perhaps, a thousand games, a good game for me is scoring above 100 points; I have scored 200 only three times, ALWAYS due to having at least one combination of double/triple or equiv. appear on the board.) I also have a serious issue with peculiar non-words being accepted when other legitimate words are rejected by the game, but will address that another time!!
Well, if nothing else, my post will provide a good chuckle for all those competitive eager-beavers for whom winning is everything. I am the methodical, thinking type, not inclined to race to the finish, thus I think it's going to be a very short time until I quit the Lightning Round or delete WWF2 altogether.


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