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Scammers alert

sspharlapsspharlap Posts: 27Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie
My scammer has 6 aliases that I found using Facebook photos. God knows what his name is really. And I have a new one on line now called benson . I do hope Zynga publishes a rogue billboard so these phonies can be named and shamed. But I guess they will just steal a new photo and name. Stories are similar. All work on oil rigs, all are widowed with teenage children in schools or with Nanny’s. Beware of David Mark, Miguel Hawkins, Miguel Benites, Miguel Vasques , Francis Lucas , Harry Desmond , Hilton Desmond.
They are all the same scammer who needs money because he is on an oil rig!
Don’t they pay rig workers?


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