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How do I get rid of colors on words with friends?

munnarmunnar Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums
I saw a note about changing settings but don’t have that option in my set. Please help me get rid of those annoying colors in words with friends.


  • linkshighlightslinkshighlights Posts: 1,568Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Chosen One
    edited October 2018

    @munnar Do you mean that you cannot find Settings? Go to your Stats and just under your profile picture you will find "Settings", then scroll down to Gameplay and uncheck the box for "Show Tile Styles". Then no matter what your opponent does, all your games will show the default color. Hope that helps!

    If you're still having trouble, what device are you using? You may have to go to Support.
    Click here ---> Support

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