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Is there a way to prevent players from seeing other players I play with?

schoolu723schoolu723 Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums
I do not want other players to see that so-in-so “also plays with” me. Is there a way to change this in privacy or settings?


  • linkshighlightslinkshighlights Posts: 1,514Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Chosen One

    @schoolu723 Not that I know of. You can hide others from seeing you by going to your Settings and uncheck things like "Make me visible in Standings" and "I want to find matches in Play Someone New" and "Show me the Match of the Day". But as far as the "also plays with me", you will need to get in touch with Support because none of the Zynga staff has been helping on these forums since February. Maybe they can add it to the next version.
    Click here ---> Support

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