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mamacroneymamacroney Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
Chris Morgan is a good looking guy and a scammer. He has the "oil rig" story. He has a great vocabulary and t as le a good game! He WANTS your cell phone number! The numbers are as old and used to cover up robots calls. Don't give him your cell number or ho to Hangout!


  • Rt2468744Rt2468744 Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    Do you have his picture?

  • CherieC99CherieC99 Posts: 11Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pumpkin

    READ AND ACTION ASAP Email those advertisers on WWF (see letter below. Copy and paste. Pass it on. It'll be effective as Zynga doesn't want to lose business and their reputation.
    Dear advertiser
    I noticed (advertiser name)has recently advertised on Zynga Words With Friends.

    I play this online game daily.
    What you may not be aware of is that WWF is currently rife with on line scammers. If you look on the Zynga forum pages you'll see mostly female players who are incredibly frustrated with the situation. There was a woman in NZ who lost $30k. There are lists of names of fraudsters, pages of details from so called oil rig engineers, widowers, UN doctors and the like. The "players" sic give explicit sexual detail, bully, forgive, tap into sympathies, manipulate and lie. They use the images of well known people - including Sir John Key saying that's who they are.

    •Scammer Management

    The company has robust reporting mechanisms but does not have what I would call prevention and monitoring policies. Nor does it use its platform to notify and warn. Players on the forum have given up trying to get Zynga to take more action. The sign on details Zynga asks it's players are lightweight, have insufficient cross checking details and do not prevent scammers from increasing customer numbers.

    •A future concern is that, left as it is, Zynga platforms may be used for other sinister and illegal activities.

    While I'm sure you have been unaware of this situation I am hoping you will consider some form of action.

    Associating (advertiser name)with Zynga may have reputational risks in the medium term, as essentially you are inadvertently being seen as allied with an unsafe e- platform.

    You could withdraw your advertising altogether, or bring pressure to bear on Zynga to provide a safe, scammer free platform with a focus on prevention.

    PM Jacinda Ardern is promoting a cyber-safety accord. I think it is appropriate that (advertiser) supports this stance.

    I have copied the Zynga team into this email.

    I will also contact other advertisers with this concern.

    I look forward to your considered response.

    Your name and contact details

    From my phone

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