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Goofy1946Goofy1946 Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums

For the love of Pete, let me play wwf without all the extra bs. I don’t want coins, side games filling out road trip words, daily goals etc etc. I want to be able to play WORDS WITH FRIENDS. Period
Options are all I ask for. My coins are full! Never used ONE! Stop giving them to me!!
Am I alone?
Does ANYONE understand?
Thank you.....I feel better.


  • CbadlandCbadland Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 232Registered User Cupcake Princess
    I got fed up with all the “features” Zynga has been piling on this formerly great word game. They have truly ruined it for many of us serious players. I spend most of my time on Wordfeud now. It is VERY bare bones, but Zynga does not listen. So not much of a choice.
  • PaulStevensPaulStevens Posts: 98Registered User, Facebook Connect User Chocolatier

    Agreed, come join us on Wordfeud; it's a much cleaner, basic game, no bells or whistles, and far more like the original Scrabble game than the farce that WWF has become. My ID there: Steve Sheehan... look forward to a game with anyone

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