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Unwanted update to WWF2, now no chat

PaulStevensPaulStevens Posts: 98Registered User, Facebook Connect User Chocolatier

Well I guess it had to happen eventually - despite me having auto-updating switched off, Zynga found a way round it, and has given me WWF2, which is just AWFUL!

Worst thing that I've found so far though, is that I have no chat box that I can see. It's active in my settings, but I see no way to access it, see screenshot below.

So to all my friends on here, and I know some do frequent this forum, my apologies if I'm ignoring you, but it's all Zynga's fault.

... and if anyone can tell me how to get chat back, I might be persuaded to keep playing, otherwise I think I'll be heading for pastures new.


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