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Creating features that are not about Cheating

MattDemoMattDemo Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
Too many of your features are really cheating features. If you want to keep changing things to make the game more interesting, there are many other things you could do.

You could have special tiles. For example, one of the L’s could have a little arrow at one end indicating that any word that passes through this letter can make an L shape, that is, make a 90 degree turn in any direction. Or one of the U’s can have a little arrow on it indicating that a word using this tile can be spelled backwards.

It would also be nice to have special games where certain words get bonus points. For example, a board could be called STATES and such words as UTAH would be allowed and awarded with 50 bonus points.

Or what about a board named Beatles where any word related to the Beatles or a word from any Beatle song title gets extra points. It may be interesting to vary the extra points so users will not know if they will or will not be rewarded for playing RINGO.

Anyway, please keep changing but stop with the cheating features and this point earning system.

And please make Solo have a range of difficulty. I’m sick of beating it by 100 points all the time.
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