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Why do you keep asking me if I want more coins?

ArthurArthur Posts: 15Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pumpkin

I do not need more coins. I do not want more coins. Why the **** do you keep asking me?? All I want to do is play my words but instead you idiots keep asking me "Need more coins?" and then it gets really interesting because the real answer to that question is NO. But of course the idiots that run this thing are too dense to comprehend that some people might not want more coins and so in typical WWF fashion there is only one answer allowed "Great". No, not great. I don't want more coins and I do not want to visit the **** store tab to find out more. I only want to play my **** words and I shouldn't have to click on "Great" (which is pure bullshit) and then click on "moves" every single time just to get to my **** games


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