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Solo play: too easy

markb63markb63 Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I may have to stop playing Words with Friends because solo play is too easy. The computer often times does not put down the highest scoring word, likely because it wants the opponent to win to encourage continued play. I think I've lost one game in the past year. This is insulting to my intelligence. Why play a game that is rigged in my favor? Where is the challenge? Can you at least offer an easy/hard option so players can choose what type of game they want to play?


  • kdtipakdtipa Posts: 8Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

    What? I've been complaining about it being rigged against me. Usually the computer crushes me. I'm an average word score 21 person... not bad. I don't think it's that I'm bad at the game or stupid. The computer gets the 10 point letters more than I do, and never plays a word worth less than 30 points. And in my tiles I have the V, three Us and three Is...

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