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Swap+ will kill the Game. Cheating, plain and simple

CanoepaddlerCanoepaddler Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I have already dropped two opponents who I suspected might be using it. When you have consistent record of beating someone 2 of 3 times and they start wining many straight games and never swap or have a low scoring word, something is up. What is the point? I'm speaking game-wise of course. I realize Zynga just wants more money. Are the founders really OK with this? Are they still involved? I know one of them didn't even agree with word guessing. I think he had a term for it, just keep rearranging the letters until it likes the word. That's legal according to the other developer, so that's part of the game. I'm addicted right now, but Swap+ will definitely push me over the edge soon.


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