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Dictionary amendment needed

wordynerdwordynerd PumpkinPosts: 22Registered User Delightful Duckling

welch (lower case) is a verb (to welch) and is nothing to do with the Welsh. I got the points but not in the right way..
It means to fail to pay ones debts. (See Merriam-Webster etc)


  • numbermaniacnumbermaniac Cloudylicious Posts: 72Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    If you search "define welch" on Google it says the word is also spelled "welsh" - I'm guessing this is why it gave you a definition about the Welsh people.

  • wordynerdwordynerd Pumpkin Posts: 22Registered User Delightful Duckling

    OK, but Welsh is a proper noin. Why is it accepted?

  • BonitaBonita Posts: 7Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon
    I agree 100%. I get so frustrated because people are using words that aren't proper English! Or they use foreign words which opponents don't know. I've played Scrabble with my mom and others since she died in 1970 and I am now almost 70. So I have done this longer than a few months. This morning, my opponent played XU. It's Vietnamese for something. So, I have decided that if an opponent plays a word like that, I will never play with them again. I may run out of people to play but, oh well, it will just be a site I can remove from my phone.
  • Aaron MorrisAaron Morris Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 14Registered User Pumpkin

    "Xu" is a Vietnamese coin and monetary unit, and it is ALSO the English name for it, much like "peso" is a Spanish word, but ALSO the English name for the Mexican currency.

    There are all sorts of inconsistencies in the way WWF decides what constitutes a word. Some acronyms and many proper nouns are accepted, while many legitimate words are rejected, like "squaw," for instance Some archaic English words are accepted, but some are not, etc., etc. We all, however, simply play be the rules as they are, do I wouldn't hold it against a player for taking advantage of a dubious rule.

    What bothers ME most is the fact that SO MANY words do not have definitions in the dictionary. What kind of a dictionary lists the word, but not a definition for it?

  • BonitaBonita Posts: 7Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon
    Yes, WWF2 is very generous with the game. But, what I am saying is that most people don't have a large vocabulary in 42 different languages. (The 42 is just a number I picked)
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