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Valid words

steveohwotsteveohwot Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums
Hello everyone I recently tried to put a word in the word was peaced it said it wasn't a valid word but when I looked Peaced is worth 11 points in Scrabble, and 13 points in Words with Friends on the internet this is what I found can anyone help


  • linkshighlightslinkshighlights Posts: 1,511Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Chosen One

    @steveohwot That is an allowable word in US English. Perhaps you were playing a game in a different language? Even UK English uses a different dictionary. Toward the top of the screen where it say "so-and-so Played WORD for 13 points" Just to the left of that is a little flag which represents the language the game is being played. An American Flag represents US English.

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