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Word Suitability ?!?

mjpjr227mjpjr227 Posts: 32Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller

HONKIES (accepted by WWF) ....

Your dictionary definition - a derogatory term used by black people for a white person or for white people collectively.

COMMENT (to the dictionary definition folk): Most derogatory terms that unfortunately come into common use and are targeted at a particular group/race tend to be used by many other groups/races. To suggest, by inference or otherwise, that only black people use the term suggests a bias of not only the person who wrote the definition but of the content editors as well .....

RFE: create an internally used WWF tool which, from time to time, scans the definitions of words, not the words themselves, looking for "derogatory term". I suspect if these two words exist side-by-side in the definition of a word, the word itself is a prime candidate for review and/or removal.

RFE: (NB: HONKY is not an accepted word in WWF) - create and/or enhance an existing tool which attempts to, using the non-acceptable word list, identify plurals and other forms of the non-acceptable word and flags them for review and/or removal.


  • PaulStevensPaulStevens Posts: 98Registered User, Facebook Connect User Chocolatier

    I feel that it is not Zynga/WWF's place to censor the English/American language at all. ALL words should be allowed, as they are played here without any reference to their meaning.

    And while I'm at it, the ludicrous censoring on words in this forum should be stopped too.

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