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Need new Lightning Round 1v1 or Single Board - tired of bad teammates.

otannehillotannehill Posts: 4Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

First off, I love lightning round, it's fun, addicting, and now I like it better than regular WWF game boards.
My issue though, is bad teammates.
I'm constantly trying to set myself up for massive word points, like for example, leaving an S off a word at a DW so I can hit 2 DWs and get 4x points and set myself up next word for a TL + TW.

I've gotten so fed up with people just placing the 1 S that I saved at the end of my word and not doing anything else with it, that I now just pass after my move quickly so I can get back to my same board that I'm setting up.

Sometimes, it's so frustrating, that I wait for the scores up top to all move so I try to time a move and then a Pass to get back to my own board.

The times that bad players waste my setup or don't think about the game play, I have a hard time getting over a 10 point per word score and over like 130 points.

When I pass and get back to my own board setups, my personal max is 488 points in a Lightning round.

So my suggestion is for 2 new Lightning modes. One where you keep your own board, and still have the 5v5.

And the 2nd, is a 1v1 Lightning Game.

You switch between 2 boards for yourself (so you can hit more 100+ pt words), and first player to 350 points wins.

Thanks for reading.


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