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RE: Scammers - An open letter to Frank D. Gibeau, CEO Zynga Inc.

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In case you haven't heard, you have a very serious problem going on in Words With Friends and carried over to Words With Friends2. This probably exists on any other app your company supports or has produced which allows chat to take place between opponents. There are people who try to befriend complete strangers, slowly build their trust, and when they decide the time is right they try to take advantage of their unsuspecting "friends".

Here are just a few examples. Take a minute to read all of them. It will make you sick to your stomach how commonly this is reported.

As you can see there are a frighting number of reports on this forum. Most center around the same exact 3 stories. Surprisingly only 1 of them has been reported by the media.

Left unchecked, this is the kind of scandal that can explode into very bad publicity for you and your company. So far the Moderators of this forum only suggest two things. 1. The victim should block the person and 2. report their username via email to The problem is, even if your Support Team deletes the account, the perpetrator can always create a new username and resume the harassment on their next victim.

My suggestion is threefold. First you take a very proactive step and acknowledge the problem exists. Send a message to all Zynga users describing these scams. This can be done with a push notification or email which we all receive when you are advertising a new gimmick. Advise people to never give personal information let alone money to people they only know via your games. Second have your Development Team work on a better solution than blocking the offender. They need to be able to ban their IP address or their phone number or something!! Something so that person cannot just create a new username and continue their scam. Lastly set up a sting of some kind. Have your employees setup fake accounts and invite these criminals to a game. When they start asking for money, get the address or accounts they want money sent to and turn it over to the authorities. Prosecute them to the fullest and make sure THAT story is covered by the media. Not only does that put the bad guy behind bars, it sends a message to others considering doing this that it's not worth the risk, and it's great publicity for your company. You end up looking like a hero instead of a goat.

Clearly this situation is currently out of control. It's getting worse every day and the reports are coming in more frequently. Many report they are approached DAILY. Can you imagine? They just want to play and have fun but instead they are constantly harassed. Taking proactive initiatives will offer much better press than continuing to pretend the problems don't exist.

Attn: @PixiePower @Sofia Allianah @my sweet innamorata @w0rd_midas @Piers_Fiddler @blissful_star


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    I get at least 10 of these a week
  • CbadlandCbadland Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 161Registered User Investigator
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    Great open letter addressing a very real issue. But is Zynga even involved in this forum anymore? I have not seen a post from a moderator in a while. Zynga will make no changes unless it involes money. So maybe the users who have been scammed in the WWF venue should look at some type of class action. THAT would get Zynga's attention
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