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How to get rid of PowerUps!

bisonjillbisonjill Posts: 13Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pumpkin

I've been playing WWF on my iPhone for a couple of years. The PowerUps appeared out of the blue last year sometime. At the onset I'd get a coin for every word played and got my coin bank up to 6000 coins before that changed. The coin reward amounts kept changing along with the number of coins needed to purchase the PowerUps; as I rarely used them (mostly Hindsight) it didn't matter too much to me, but I definitely understand the frustration for those who may have been trying to earn them. Also the frustration of the changing "purchase price" with no advance notice.

Going into the App Store today it showed that WWF had an update available. I didn't see that it would update me to WWF2, but I found out after I updated that it was indeed WWF2. As I've seen many people on this forum with WWF2 issues, I uninstalled, and then reinstalled WWF which now shows up as WWFClassic. All my stats, games, etc are still there. The only difference is no more Store and no more PowerUps, which I'm fine with. The only reason that I even noticed is that the people that I play with that have purchased the "picture frames" from the Store - I can no longer see that they have frames.

So for everybody that doesn't want to see coins, Hindsight, Word Hint, and whatever the othe PowerUps were called, this may be how to delete them?

Thanks, Jill


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