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WWF2 - Solo Challenge - Bad UX

mjpjr227mjpjr227 Posts: 32Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller

I wanted to check out Solo Challenge. After a game started I concluded I didn't want to participate further, so I resigned. So far so good !!!!

Later, in working through my list of games to which I needed to respond/play, I tapped on "the next entry in the list". Turns out it was an over-exuberant effort welcoming me back to Solo Challenge. Why over-exuberant? I was not given the opportunity to decide whether I wanted to move forward into this new Solo Challenge game like I would with a real and new (person) challenger. The app took me right into another Solo Challenge game which I then had to resign from (AGAIN). From a UX perspective I consider this a nasty surprise. I also consider it "over marketing" on the part of the app. I do not need to be (re)minded that Solo Challenge exists. My RFE is to request that Solo Challenge not appear in my "list of games needing attention" at all unless it is an existing game needing attention. Right now, I see no means of getting rid of it. This means I must now "be careful" not to click upon it. While I can see how mktg types might like my needing to pay more attention to mktg msgs (because that is what I'm really required to now do) I'd really appreciate the mktg mechanics being somewhat kept separate from the normal mechanics of gameplay (I know, good luck with this one ...).

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