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Recurring bug (Android): Move is assigned to wrong player

KathyOnEckarKathyOnEckar Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
edited October 2017 in Bugs & Reporting

I've encountered a recurring bug in Words with Friends for Android. When my friend and I play, at some point during the game a turn becomes assigned to the wrong player. In our current game, my friend just played Vane and received 19 points, but the Played Word list indicates incorrectly that I played Vane (see attached screenshots). After a few turns, the game will eventually become unplayable, showing Your Move on the game list, but indicating that it's my opponent's turn in the game itself.

This doesn't occur when I play with anyone else, but I'm pretty sure that most of the other people I play with use iphones. We have both cleared our game data and caches, and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. This has now occurred multiple times.

My app/android version:
Words version: 8.423.111 (Android)
Android version: 6.0

My friend's app/android version:
Words version: 5.631
Android version: 7.0


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