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Two entire games with only vowels!

thisgameisshitthisgameisshit Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
Words with Friends is absolutely sh*t!!! I've just played two whole games where in both games I was given only vowels for the entire duration! Not a single constanant! What the ****?


  • my sweet innamoratamy sweet innamorata Posts: 171Super Moderator mod

    Can you tell us please how may Tiles are left in the Tile Bag? We'll appreciate it if you can provide a screenshot, so we can forward it to our team. Are you on iOS or Android? Below is a picture on how to attach an image here.

  • celtic75celtic75 Pumpkin Posts: 18Registered User Muffin

    Two games is nothing! I can't tell you how many games I have had and have been dealt all vowels. When I swap, I get more vowels. The opposite is also true - i am dealt nothing but consonants. There must be some way for this game to be programmed to deal out a balanced hand so that it becomes more fun and less frustrating. Please WWF!!!

  • my sweet innamoratamy sweet innamorata Posts: 171Super Moderator mod

    The team is doing some investigations on this, @celtic75, and that's why we're collecting as much information as we can get from our players. You can also help by providing the requested details and screenshot. Nevertheless, we'll still forward your concern.

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