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Using the Internet

SixpickSixpick Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
edited January 2017 in Game Discussion
I was a bit flabbergasted by a lady's explanation when I questioned her after seeing nearly word she played was extremely obscure. I'd suspected she was using the Internet in some form or fashion to help her construct words with her letters. I myself consider that cheating and never do it. What blew me away was not necessarily her admission of it which I had suspected since we've played quite a few games, but her reasoning which was 'how else are we supposed to grow our vocabulary?! ' What!! Lol
...My reply to her was, study up if you have to outside the game and/or play people above your scoring average and retain words they play. I could not fathom how she couldn't comprehend that this all but renders her win-loss record null and void because anyone could make the viable argument her wins were only because she resorted to the Internet to get words she would not otherwise know to play.

It also highlights the sort of friendly meaninglessness of words with friends versus the much stricter Scrabble game, where your turns are timed and you lose a turn if you misspell a word...Anyway, it got me to wondering how many people do this. A bunch I'm guessing.


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