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Inappropo ads?

mtmike21mtmike21 Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I wanted to let you know that your game itself is great! (With the exception of having a lot of vowels.) That said, It is one thing to have products as advertisements, but I have been getting political campaign advertisements. That is more than inappropriate for a medium such as WWF. People come here to have fun and shouldn't be subjected to opinionated rhetoric. Now, It is given and accepted to have regular advertising, but I feel this has crossed a line. I realize I can purchase the full version to opt out, but I don't feel I should HAVE to because of political B.S. Maybe this is a rant and there's nothing that can be done but as a religious player, I wanted you to see a consumer's viewpoint. In the future, maybe political ads can be left to the t.v. and radio and, if we must have ads, they be relevant to the game?


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