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Wordie Wednesday - June 29

blissful_starblissful_star Super ModeratorPosts: 55Super Moderator mod
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Today's Wordie Wednesday Community Highlight goes out to John and Karen. They're brother and sister and have been playing Words With Friends for 2 and 5 years, respectively. Recently, they took turns playing the word OXYPHENBUTAZONE!

Here's what they said:
Karen: "My brother and I both set personal records of over 1500 points within hours of each other. ;-)"

John: "My sister and I will play an occasional game where one player tries to score as many points as possible, while the other one tries to score as few as possible -- this requires lots of Swaps and Passes! Last week we attempted this while making 7-tile TW x TW moves for 9x the points. After that we moved on to this OXYPHENBUTAZONE challenge."

Congrats on your joint achievement, Karen and John!

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