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On Freebie Posts on Official Facebook Fan page

Sofia AllianahSofia Allianah Super ModeratorPosts: 54Super Moderator mod
edited June 2015 in News and Announcements
Hello Aces,

In an effort to further improve your virtual poker experience, we have utilized our official Facebook Fan page to share with you free chips, gold coins, round skips and collectibles regularly.

We understand that you may have encountered issues in the past. We thank you for informing us that we may have accidentally assigned the wrong links to some of our Fan Page posts.

Moving forward, we are committed to continue posting these freebies. Whenever possible, we may increase the frequency of these posts. We are also increasing the number of accounts that can receive these freebies. Please note, however, that you can only receive one type of item (e.g. chips, gold coins, round skips) within a 24-hour period.

We value your patience, understanding, and continued support of Zynga Poker. See you at the tables!



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