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Solar LED Street Light Provide Safety And Reduce Energy Consumption

xiuxiuxiuxiu Posts: 221Registered User Cupcake Princess

In the past, most lighting fixtures used high pressure sodium lamps, however, these lamps produced yellow light and did not provide good visibility. The use of LED lights provides whiter, more natural light, providing better overall illumination, even though they look brighter and darker than older HPS lamps. This provides significant cost savings because the amount of power required to illuminate these luminaires with a lower power loss factor is less.

The US Department of Transportation recently conducted a study in July 2014 to maximize the use of the source spectrum to maximize pedestrian safety and evaluate the differences between older HPS lamps and new LED sources. The study shows how pedestrians in cities and suburbs perceive the illumination that needs to walk along the road at night. They found that people using LED light sources feel safer and safer, even if the brightness of the old HPS lamp is reduced.

Since road lighting can save 51 billion kWh of electricity per year, switching to LEDs can save more than 30% of energy and is used only for road lighting. If switching to a Solar led street light(CLASSIC)

is the next step, and because of the lower power usage of the LEDs and the lower power loss due to the LEDs being turned off, they will be the next logical step to reduce power usage. United States. Pulling the light out of the grid, or installing only solar LED street light in a new installation, will be the best way to reduce power and provide a clean alternative to standard lights.

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